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Cleantech businesses bring together the most advanced technologies with natural resources and energy for a more efficient and environmentally friendly productivity... to build your city of tomorrow. Clean technologies are a particular focus of Greater Lyon, a sustainable city.

I want to develop my network with the competitiveness clusters

Thanks to its many competitiveness clusters, Greater Lyon allows you to find information and develop a unique network.

logo Axelera, catalyseur de croissance durable


Axelera is working to mix chemistry and the environment. Environmental and social concerns as sources of innovation, promising solutions and long-term jobs. Come and find out more, discuss and develop your network at the many events held by Axelera (the Axelera Thursdays, the Technical Tuesdays, etc.). Register now!

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logo CARA, cluster européen pour des solutions de mobilité


CARA is the only competitiveness cluster in Europe based on public transport of people and goods in an urban environment. Every two months, the CARA Meetings allow you to discover the area of expertise of a member (lab, SME, group, training centre etc.)

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logo Techtera


Techtera, the link between the innovation stakeholders in the technical textiles and flexible materials sector.

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logo Tenerrdis


Tenerrdis, an energy competitiveness cluster, brings together the innovation stakeholders in energy technologies and their roll-out.

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logo Cluster Lumière, performance et innovation

Cluster Lumière

Cluster Lumière, the network of expertise in the lighting sector. It brings together businesses and organisations which work to develop together business and growth opportunities via innovative lighting solutions.

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I want to finance my projects

To support you in funding your cleantech projects, the Métropole de Lyon has joined forces with the FUI scheme (Single Inter-Ministerial Fund) which assists collaborative R&D projects (SME’s, key accounts, laboratories) of competitiveness clusters, concerning products and services which can be launched on the market in the short or medium term.

The scheme launched two calls for projects per year, and the ideas selected are then offered aid from the State and the local authorities concerned.

Contact directly the clusters:

I want to experiment with INNOV'R

The region's cleantech businesses, the Rhône-Alpes regional council, Bpifrance (the public investment bank), the ADEME, the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations and the INPI offer you a unique scheme to support eco-innovation.

So what is INNOV'R?

A permanent call for projects, to select innovations in the field of eco-technology (effluent and wastewater management, waste management, energy, construction, processes, innovative eco-products and services etc.).

The Innov'R call for projects (in French)

This is also a service offering for businesses in the cleantech sector which have developed a prototype and wish to trial it in the urban space of the Métropole de Lyon: the INNOV'R Expérimentation scheme.

logo Innov'r experimentation

I want to receive support

Cleantech businesses, our network of partners serves your development and your competitiveness.

I want to choose premises suitable for cleantech businesses

The Métropole de Lyon will support you in your projects to establish cleantech businesses by orienting you towards real-estate solutions which meet your needs.

Vallée de la chimie : vue aérienne

Vallée de la Chimie

An industrial chemistry, energy and environment campus which offers numerous business location opportunities.

Vallée de la Chimie, business location for cleantech in Greater Lyon

bâtiment CPE Lyon à Villeurbanne

LyonTech-la Doua

France's first higher education and research site. An essential address of Lyon's excellence, specialising in chemistry and engineering for sustainable development.

LyonTech-la Doua, business location for cleantech in Greater Lyon

Centre Scientifique et Technique Albert Einstein

Einstein incubator

3,300 m2 dedicated to innovative activities in the fields of biotechnology, TIC and engineering sciences.

Einstein incubator, business location for cleantech in Greater Lyon

Innover : pictogramme du service business du Grand Lyon

I want to innovate and test in the city

The Métropole de Lyon is constantly putting in place the conditions for innovation in its territory, and favours the creation and the development of services, new businesses and innovative start-ups: to move forward together to the future.

Go to our dedicated page to find out more about the "Greater Lyon Experimentation" programme, innovation platforms etc.

Innovating with Greater Lyon

Smart City Lyon

Greater Lyon is constantly evolving and is becoming an innovative, sustainable and vibrant smart city. Go to our dedicated page to find out more about the "Smart City Lyon" programme.

Discover Smart City Lyon


Catherine Daumas

Métropole de Lyon - Economic development, employment and knowledge delegation

chargée de mission cleantech

Guillaume Eynard

Métropole de Lyon - Economic development, employment and knowledge delegation

cleantech project manager