Real estate dedicated to life sciences in Greater Lyon

Spaces geared to the life sciences

Professionals in life sciences, enjoy a favorable welcome in Greater Lyon, with various sites intended specifically for your business activities.

Two main sites to discover

The Lyon-Gerland Biodistrict: a concentration of stakeholders in life sciences

logo Biodistrict Lyon-Gerland

On the Biodistrict site, discover a unique concentration of world leaders in human and animal health (Genzyme, Merial, Sanofi-Pasteur, etc.), the world competitiveness cluster in infectious diseases, Lyonbiopôle, and several SME’s, start-ups and research and education centres.

Fertile ground for innovative new companies

Research, inter-company collaboration, technology platforms etc. In this extremely stimulating environment, young innovative businesses are finding particularly fertile ground for their development. A 400 m2 business incubator space is reserved for start-ups from the Lyon ENS and the IBCP; and a space of 8,500 m2 is intended for innovative young businesses.

8,100 m2 of dynamic incubators

This offer is completed by two incubators for life sciences:

  • Tony Garnier: a 3,200 m2 incubator for young innovative businesses.
  • Chateaubriand: a general incubator for life sciences and ICT sector businesses.

The Pole Santé Est, the biomedical sector at the heart of the Métropole de Lyon

bâtiment Adénine au Bioparc Lyon

Strategically located at the centre of Greater Lyon, the Pôle Santé Est is a concentration of scientific research, hospitals and training centres. It stands out by its expertise in several excellence areas: oncology, neurosciences, cardiovascular diseases and transplants.

The Bioparc Lyon

At the heart of the Pôle Santé Est, discover the Bioparc, a unique research and development site designed to provide over 40,000 m2 of offices and laboratories.

The Laennec incubator

In the Bioparc, a specific welcome is reserved for young businesses in the life sciences sector with this constantly developing 1,400 m2 incubator.

Professionals in life sciences? The Métropole de Lyon helps with your development by a set of active organisations helping businesses in your sector.

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