Urban East Park: rising of the first buildings

27 February 2012

The first buildings are rising on the Urban East Park. This site borders the Technology Park and the large industrial areas of East Lyon.

This site which is for the development of a mixed service and manufacturing park is part of a much larger project which includes

  • housing and
  • sports and leisure facilities.

A fresh breath of air for the economy of eastern Lyon

The building of access roads,

  • a new section of the Boulevard Urbain East and
  • the opening of internal roads such as the Avenue Temps Modernes and the Avenue Charlie Chaplin,

are creating the access to the new economic area being developed by Nexity.

In the manufacturing area, the Lyon company Tordjman Metal has commissioned a new building of 3,500 m2 and will soon be joined by Acier Metal / Stemcor as well as Promoplus and Visual TV, in the Vision Park.

In the service sector, at the heart of development Nexity Geprim is building the first 2 buildings for the Eden Park (4,470 m2).