Smarter Together: official launch of the European project in Lyon!

3 March 2016

Smarter Together, which includes Lyon, Munich and Vienna, was launched on March 3, 2016, during a two-day summit dedicated to this ambitious European project. The goal is to propose smart solutions to improve quality of life for residents that can be duplicated on a worldwide scale.

At a meeting on March 3 and 4, 2016, in the presence of representatives from other European partner cities, local and international business organizations, the academic world and SMEs, the cities of Lyon (France), Munich (Germany) and Vienna (Austria) presented "Smarter Together", which was distinguished by the European Commission in the context of a Horizon 2020 call for projects entitled "Smart Cities and Communities".

Lyon Confluence, a pilot site

This European project concerns the development of solutions that can be duplicated on a large scale for a Smart City that uses energy, transports and technologies in a conscientious way. To do this, 24 million euros from Europe have been made available to the three cities through the H2020 program dedicated to innovation and research.

For the part concerning Lyon, experimentations will be carried out in the Lyon Confluence area. SPL Lyon Confluence, the developer, is strongly mobilized in the context of Smarter Together.

Recognition of Lyon's expertise and potential

Through this project, Lyon Métropole will be able to:

  • Consolidate its expertise in energy renovation, and the development of innovative solutions that provide both greater protection of the environment and easier travel;
  • Experiment with solutions that can be deployed over the entire metropolitan area;
  • Encourage synergy and propose new opportunities for development and markets for area stakeholders and partners.

Financing the emergence of effective solutions

A budget of 8.6 million euros dedicated to the Lyon project (including 7 million euros financed by Europe) will be allocated to the following actions:

  • Support for private owners for housing renewal, with technical and financial aid and assistance in raising public awareness (550 housing units and 35 000 m2 over the Lyon area);
  • Development of renewable energy production (heat, electricity) and electric car-sharing systems;
  • Implementation of new solutions and partnerships to feed a central energy steering system;
  • Promotion of the use of green energies.