Smart City Meetings 2014: looking back on the 1st edition in Lyon

1 August 2014

One and a half year after the launching of the Greater Lyon Smart City strategy, the 1st edition of the Smart City Meetings, which was held on 3rd July 2014 at the Docks 40 venue, at the heart of the Lyon Confluence area, has been a profitable day of exchanges to improve the process and gather partners around the project.

About 250 actors and partners met to share their experience and build together tomorrow's city. The morning was dedicated to a debate that took stock of the strategy launched in February 2013. Two main subjects were the topic of rich discussions between participants:

  • the stake of data and its use as part of the smart city dynamic,
  • smart grids, whose experiments have already been launched:
    • Lyon Smart Community,
    • Watt&Moi,
    • Greenlys,
    • Smart Electric Lyon.

During the afternoon, 80 participants worked in creative workshops to design services regarding the new solutions that tomorrow's city could bring to its users. By putting themselves in the citizen's place, the multidisciplinary groups were asked to focus on 4 themes:

  • the incentive toward users to become actor of their energy consumption,
  • the city experience for people lacking independance,
  • the prevention and limitation of epidemics,
  • the sanitary service given during air pollution and pollen peaks.

At the end of the session, several tracks for new services were presented. They will be developed in a book of ideas which will soon be released to smart city actors, in order to potentially become new projects that will enrich the 40 experiments already in progress.

Lyon: first smart city in France

After the appointment of Lyon as 1st smart city in France by the study "Tomorrow's city 2014" published by m2ocity, these first Smart City Meetings show the Greater Lyon's wish to build together tomorrow's city while carefully taking into account the user's point of view to build a city even more humane.

Together with the whole of public and private partners, this meeting has started a work cycle in preparation for a 2nd step of the strategy, which will make possible the tackling of new themes related to the new metropolitan competencies that will be taken on by Greater Lyon, such as health.

Greater Lyon Smart City

To meet the stakes of a growing urbanisation, Greater Lyon Smart City is a program aiming at a better life quality in the city, thanks to the creating of new services.

The process is involving about 100 public and private partners who are guided by the Greater Lyon authorities. It gathers around 40 projects, both upcoming and already in progress, regarding themes such as:

With the city as an experimentation field, the Greater Lyon Smart City strategy supports projects in which technologies and innovation help sustainable and economic development, as well as the citizens' well-being.