Parc du Puy d'Or: a new business park in the heart of the Western Economic Cluster of Grand Lyon

20 September 2011

Greater Lyon and its designated developer, Société d'Equipement du Rhône et de Lyon (SERL), are creating a huge economic project on a major landbase with the Parc du Puy d'Or.

This park of 21 ha, located in the municipality of Limonest in the heart of the Western Economic Cluster of Greater Lyon (Techlid), will boost the supply in the sector by providing:

  • 36,200 m2 net office space,
  • 45,800 m2 net space for mainly service sector mixed business programmes (constructibility of 1,500 to 17,0000 m2 net floor area depending on the lots) and
  • a services hub of 3,000 m2.

Sustainable development

Set in first-class landscaped environment, the project is totally committed to sustainable development and is part of an Environmental Approach to Town Planning (AEU).


  • SOPRA (information technology consultancy and service group) will be the first occupant in 2013 with 770 employees, followed by
  • Sève - the celebrated pastry chef-chocolatier - which will build its production laboratory there.

Property promotion

In terms of property promotion, the first lot put out to tender to operators has been allocated: the successful bidder, Nexity, will build a service sector business park with a net office space of 14,000 m2.