Oxygène Tower: the"most beautiful building" for the review Expertise Pierre / ImmoWeek.fr

4 February 2010

In the Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine yesterday evening, the Oxygène Tower, built by architects Arte and Charpentier, was awarded the prize for the most beautiful building by real estate professionals, during Pierres d'Or, an annual event organised by the review Expertise Pierre / Immoweek.fr.

Each year the award goes to a building somewhere in France.

For the first time for several years, the Pierres d'Or award was given for innovation in the regions, to Lyon and its elegant 115-meter high, 28-storey tower.

This award confirms the quality of architectural projects in Lyon.

The Oxygène tower, promoted by Sogelym Steiner and Européquipements, is the symbol of the new skyline chosen for the Part-Dieu business district.

It also marks the start of the transformation of an entire district which is undergoing overall redevelopment aiming to:

  • strengthen its vocation as a tertiary district,
  • requalify the landscaping
  • optimise transport services.

This resolutely daring district will soon see the construction of a new tower, Incity, even higher than those that are already there.

An award like the Pierres d'Or

  • crowns a common ambition,
  • will contribute to the influence of the Part-Dieu, and
  • will consolidate the city's position within Europe.