ONLYLYON Tourism and Conventions: awarded the new category 1 classification in November 2012

26 November 2012

In November 2012 the Greater Lyon tourist office was awarded the new category 1 classification. The Greater Lyon Tourist Office and Convention Bureau, had been a 4 star office since 1998, something that few other tourist offices in France had achieved, an award which recognised the warmth of its welcome. The new classification, which rewards the work of the Lyon Tourism and Conference and the Greater Lyon teams, is a European level award and is a new measure of the quality of visitor services.

This recognition of the excellence of Lyon Tourist Office and Convention Bureau puts it among the top tourist offices in Europe not just in terms of welcome but also in terms of promotion and the development of digital tools.

ONLYLYON Tourism and Conventions: an entrepreneurial model in tune with new technologies

The category 1 award given to the Greater Lyon tourist office recognises:

Since 2004 Lyon Tourist Office and Convention Bureau has been running a destination management programme based on:

  • high performing and  innovative digital tools:
  • IPhone apps:
    • traboules (alleys) (2011),
    • painted walls (2012); 
  • promotional work in France and abroad (2011 figures):
    • 223 tourism professionals hosted as well as 172 journalists of 22 different nationalities,
    • 10 European cities visited during promotional trips by ONLYLYON on tour,
    • 91 conferences hosted by the Conference and Trade Fairs Office, accounting for 335,904 conference days.

ONLYLYON Tourism and Conventions: a major part of the economic development strategy

The rules that deal with the classification of tourist offices, dating mainly from 1999, have, over the years, come to be seen as less and less in tune with the new client base. A review of the classification rules was therefore undertaken by the Competition, Industry and Services Office (DGIS) and the French National Federation of Tourist Offices (FNOTSI) alongside Atout France in order to meet new requirements. This was implemented in June 2011.

No longer considered just a place to welcome and inform the public the tourist office now plays a determining role in the economic development strategy of the whole area.

The Greater Lyon Tourist Office is admirably suited to this role since it now undertakes its basic mission (welcome, information and deployment of professional staff) alongside its marketing role.