Mipim 2013: presentation of the winning project for island A3 of Lyon Confluence (phase 2)

14 March 2013

On Thursday, 14th March 2013 at the Mipim, Icade and Greater Lyon unveiled the details of the urban organisation of the 1st phase 2 island of Lyon Confluence.

It was in fact Icade which, on 14th February 2013, won the consultation launched by the Lyon Confluence SPL for island A3 in July 2012.

Designed by architects Herzog & de Meuron and landscape architect Michel Desvigne, its urban composition is an interplay of simplicity of form and diversity of typology, for A3 include:

  • town houses (ground floor and 2 upper floors) and
  • a multi-storey building (ground floor and 16 upper floors).

It incorporates the values of the Lyon Confluence urban project: a walkable city, mixed use, biodiversity and the fight against global warming.

Other architects will subsequently be selected to participate in the architectural diversity of this area of the city.

The island A3 project is located on a 8,325 m2 site in the 2nd "arrondissement" of Lyon, in the Lyon Confluence district, which is the subject of a major urban project covering 150 ha.

A mixed construction programme covering 27,300 m2 is scheduled, being 8 buildings for housing, offices, shops and services. Two office blocks are scheduled, providing a total of 10,000 m2.

The housing offer: 225 homes / approx. 15,600 m2

Buildings 2, 3 and 7 will include 25% social housing in accordance with the specifications (91 T1 to T5 homes). Around 140 homes in a home ownership scheme (T1 to T5) will be rolled out in the 16-storey-high building (designed by Herzog & de Meuron) and in building 8.

Icade will also develop its bi-home concept: a single living unit which comprises two homes, and allows changes in life situations to be accommodated (joint rentals, the elderly, students, the disabled, home-working etc.).

Building 4 will comprise 6 affordable duplex apartments designed along the lines of town houses, with each having some outside space.

The tertiary offer (around 10,000 m2)

Building 6 will offer an area of 6,600 m2, i.e. 450 to 500 workstations, intended for just one investor.

Building 1, 2720 m2, will be sold to buyers who will use small and medium-sized areas.

Shops and services

The parking offer will be 209 car park spaces. The majority of parking spaces will be underground in A3, with additional space in the future island A1 car park, a scant 100 m away. 14 car park spaces will be fitted with electric charging points.

An inter-company crèche will be housed in a 450 m2 space on the ground floor of building 4, "the town houses", with capacity for 40 cribs with outside play areas.

The offer of shops will complement the offer of the leisure pole, promoting local shops and encouraging regional artisans to base themselves there. Commercial areas will be spread over the entire perimeter of the island.

More than 700 m2 of ground-floor space in different buildings and in basements is designated for the storage of bicycles, baby buggies and motorised two-wheelers.

The space linking the various buildings, the landscaped courtyard, a sociable space for the entire island, will be for the use of all the buildings.

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Calendar for island A3 of Lyon Confluence

  • Application for planning permission: autumn 2013
  • Start of works: 2015
  • Delivery: 2017