Lyon Part-Dieu: state of advancement of Southern building sites in September 2012

21 September 2012

As can be seen from the number of building sites; between now and 2015 Lyon Part-Dieu South will be renewing itself.

La Buire area

The final tranche of the development area of la Buire is seeing the light of day, with properties to be delivered in 2013 - Aprilium 2 for April activities 4,500 m2 and Velum which developing 14,000 m2 to be used by EDF. The Be building is still available with 10,500 m2 of office space.

Housing will complete the final tranche.

The Mouton Duvernet area

To the east of the tracks, a completely new urban space is being developed.

The T4 tram linking the south-east of the conurbation with the Lyon Part-Dieu station will come into service at the end of 2013, running along the new Rue Mouton Duvernet and the future extension to the Dauphiné park.

The Rhône departmental archives are now under construction. The Mouton Duvernet area will add to the service sector offer in the area with the development of new innovative buildings such as Equinox (10,000 m2, delivery late 2014) and Sky 56 (30,000 m2, to be delivered in 2015).

These buildings include street level activities that will house services in common and other facilities open to a wider public - shops, restaurants etc.

Lyon Part-Dieu South will be developed by 2015 with about 70,000 m2 of space for the service sector with associated areas of which about 40,000 m2 is still available, this will be a new very attractive part of Lyon Part-Dieu.