Lyon Métropole: dematerialization of supplier invoicing on 1 January 2017

28 November 2016

Starting 1 January 2017, you can save time and money by sending your invoices to Lyon Métropole electronically!

On 1 January 2017, all large companies and public entities will be required to send their invoices to Lyon Métropole in a dematerialized way. To do this, a free and secure IT system known as Chorus Pro will be made available to you. All companies sending invoices are able to benefit from this free service.

This approach is backed by the French government and is part of the public action modernization program.

Real benefits for your company

By opting in January 2017 to trade paper invoices for electronic invoices, you will gain in many ways:

  • guaranteed reception of your invoice by the administration;
  • possibility of following the processing of your invoices live;
  • time saved with service accessible 24 hours a day from your PC, smartphone or tablet;
  • lower costs for printing, sending and storing your invoices;
  • lower carbon footprint;
  • direct inclusion of your invoices in your customer's IT system.

Possibility of payment tracking

Once your electronic invoice has been transmitted to Lyon Métropole, you can use the online portal to track the status of your invoice in real time, from validation to payment.

Another goal of this national shared platform is to reduce processing delays.

Big companies, anticipate 2017!

The need to make connections and adapt invoicing processes is a good reason to start the project as soon as possible, so you won't miss out on the starting date.

In particular, you must ensure the adequation of your IT system and processes:

How to proceed

Find all the information related to dematerializing your invoices on the dedicated page entitled: "Send and track your invoices".

I transmit my invoices to Lyon Métropole electronically