Lyon Gerland: construction by Gecina of an 20,000 m2 office building for EDF

2 May 2014

Gecina is involved in the redevelopment of the Lyon Gerland district. Following an invitation to tender issued by EDF, it was the Parisian property investor which was chosen to build a 20,000 m2 office building on the site.

"La Grande Halle" as it is to be known as, will be developed on a land reserve which belongs to Gecina. The building work is largely based on the redevelopment of an already existing covered market building which, as of the end of 2016, will be able to accommodate a thousand EDF employees.

The development which was designed by the architects Reichen et Robert & Associés will have 3 buildings to it, grouped together in the form of a Campus, and will be part of the development of the Lyon Gerland district. Furthermore this major construction project will aim to have HQE and effinergie + certification.

Greater Lyon and the City of Lyon have now agreed a schedule for carrying out the necessary construction work for the development: street layout, environmentally friendly transport connections, networks, public lighting and green spaces.

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The Grande Halle is part of a much wider project to be undertaken by Gecina which will also include homes, shops and a private nursery.

In total, this program which aims to redevelop an old business park, will result in a 50,000 m2, development of which 20,000 m2 will consist of homes, 27,500 m2 of offices and 1,550 m2 of shops.