"Lyon City Greeters": see the city with a Lyon's citizen!

26 January 2010

"A journey into our lives"

Lyon Tourist & Convention Bureau launches the Lyon City Greeters. This service is made up of locals who want to spend time with visitors and share a part of their lives with them so that they can

  • see the city in a different way,
  • feel its atmosphere,
  • meet its population and
  • understand the territory.


The main objective of this service is the cultural exchange, for the Visitors and Greeters.

Introduced at first in New York, Lyon is now a part of the dozen international cities, who have integrated the Global Greeter Network network.

This project enters within the framework of Lyon Welcome Attitude, which aims to strengthen the attractiveness of Lyon's destination.

With the new network's website www.lyoncitygreeter.com, people can

  • join as a "Greeter" and
  • exchange via a forum.