Greenopolis: press kit January 2010

5 February 2010

In the heart of the 9th district of Lyon, the em2c Group, who won a tender launched by Greater Lyon in June 2006, were chosen to develop an industrial site within the city that had previously been dedicated to the manufacture of electric lights bulbs. The site was home to

  • Wisseaux,
  • Claude and finally
  • the American group SLI (which ran the site until 2003)

Greater Lyon was very quick to put in a bid

Greater Lyon put in a bid for this land in 1991 and then began to consider an economic development project there linking it to the Major City Projects GPV of La Duchère.

This project is emblematic of the new life that Greater Lyon wants to breathe into this district as it undergoes major urban renewal - after the closing of Rhodia and the Docks Casino in the Industrie district - as part of a public/private partnership.

In 2007, the em2c Group won the Greater Lyon tender

2007 : the em2c Group won the tender put out by Greater Lyon for requalification of this 21,000.

The challenge is a big one! The em2c Group has taken up the challenge to (re)create, a network of companies on this site without losing sight of the industrial past and including the social, economic and environmental factors which meet with the requirements of the standardsHQE.

The Greenopolis project

Greenopolis answers all of the following issues:

  • urban issues (opening up the site to the city),
  • economic and social issues (accommodating companies and thereby providing employment within the framework of an ZFU),
  • environmental issues (the bioclimatic design of a complex programme).