Greater Lyon's ZFU: the urban free zones in the territory - video (June 2013)

30 August 2013

The Greater Lyon Authority is implementing a global, sustainable and balanced economic development strategy over its entire territory. This territorial strategy helps in particular to open up inner-city policy areas, in connection with the major poles in the conurbation of Lyon.

Greater Lyon has 27 sensitive urban zones (ZUS) and 4 urban free zones (ZFU) :

In these neighbourhoods, a whole network of partners of Greater Lyon is involved at every stage of the local economic development to:

These local actions, as with the urban and social projects accompanying them, contribute to the economic dynamism of the territory.

Key data on the ZFU of Greater Lyon

In 2012, Greater Lyon's 4 ZFU were home to 4,500 organisations. Every year, an average of 660 people are recruited by the ZFU-based businesses, including 230 from an inner-city policy area.

Videos of Greater Lyon's ZFU (in French)

View the 2 videos produced on 6 June 2013 in the context of the partnership between the Greater Lyon Authority and the Caisse des Dépôts!

ZFU, generic principles and implementation in Greater Lyon (French version)



6e sens global services, a success story from a business in one of the Greater Lyon's ZFU (French version)



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Created in 1996, the ZFU are an important tool in the economic wing of the inner-city policy. They aim to:

  • develop and diversify economic activity,
  • reinforce the functional mix of the districts and
  • create economic activity and jobs for their inhabitants.

The ZFU tool has been continued by the State for the period 2012-2014.