Greater Lyon SmartData: new data release and licence types in December 2013

19 December 2013

After the launch of the Grand Lyon SmartData platform in May 2013, Greater Lyon is introducing new mobility data on to, bringing to 300 the number of data items available for the city area.

Grand Lyon SmartData, a pro innovation platform

By providing wide-ranging access to public data such as the land register map for the conurbation, the surface area taken up by greenery, the availability of Vélo'vs or the locations of automatic car-sharing stations, the Greater Lyon SmartData platform is addressing the issues of data accessibility which have been made objectives of the smart city.

Greater Lyon Smartdata is forging its reputation as an innovational necessity, a prerequisite for the city of tomorrow: a data platform for all the projects for the smart City.

Grand Lyon SmartData, new mobility data

The Greater Lyon SmartData platform includes a new series of data principally for the mobility sector:

  • Real-time traffic: data from "loop-based counting systems" from the  PC CRITER (updated every minute) ;
  • Highway events: data listing highway events such as traffic jams, accidents, tunnel closures, demonstrations, etc. (updated every minute) ;
  • traffic history: 13 day types released by the PC CRITER, this data enables traffic to be simulated based on the notion of recurrence (usual traffic situations – Monday type, Tuesday type, week‐end heavy holiday traffic, etc.) ;
  • Vélo'V: availability in real time at Vélo'V stations (number of cycles, available places) and
  • aerial photographs of the region.

Greater Lyon SmartData, the conditions for release

Depending on the type of data, there are three types of licences applicable for data release:

  • an open licence: data is provided without any conditions or limitations on its re-use ("open data") and this concerns most of the data;
  • a contracted licence: data is provided with re-user authentication to ensure that reuse is compatible with existing public policies, or that they don't disrupt commercial services run by the public as part of a public service concession;
  • an associate licence: the provision of data, with option of licence fee, aims at guaranteeing a fair and competitive ecosystem, by avoiding the creation of monopolies.

The provision of public data from Greater Lyon makes it possible to:

  • encourage the exchange of data between the stakeholders in the same region,
  • develop the economic potential of the public data which are at the heart of the digital economy and
  • encourage citizen participation and provide them with a better understanding of public initiatives.

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In December 2013, the Greater Lyon SmartData platform received the Bronze award for innovative Regions at the 10th edition of the "Forum des Interconnectés".