Greater Lyon "Little gems": a program which was awarded the 2013 Territoria prize

21 November 2013

The "Little gems" program which was nominated for the 2013 Territoria prize in the "Support for employment and growth" category, and which was started by Greater Lyon and the Lyon CCI in 2011, won the jury’s special prize on Wednesday 13 November 2013.

The 2013 Territoria Prize was awarded in recognition of the merits of the "Little gems" program

Created by National Public Innovation Monitoring service, the Territoria prize is an award which has since 1986 been made in recognition of the innovative ideas from French and European towns, départements, regions, EPCI, and EPL alike – irrespective of their population – in each of the areas that they have worked on.

The idea behind the Territoria Prize is to encourage "best practice" and the use of exemplary policies by regional and local authorities in the way they manage public funds to the benefit of the general public.

It was for this reason that Greater Lyon’s "Little gems" project was chosen from among 6 candidate projects in the "Support for employment and growth" category and ended up winning the 2013 Territoria special Prize: a first step towards national recognition.

The Greater Lyon "Little gems" program

The "Little gems" program which was started in 2011, by Greater Lyon in conjunction with the Lyon Chamber of Commerce and Industry helps very high-growth potential SMEs either achieve or build on hyper-growth.

Like so many "start-ups", these fledgling companies are pioneering the regeneration of the Greater Lyon industries and regions of tomorrow.

That’s why these companies need support for their hyper-growth, to help them become the Greater Lyons’ future intermediate sized companies (ETI).

Since the launch of the project, 23 companies have been given the "Little gems" certification and together they and the 744 people that they employ, generate a turnover which is at least 63 million euros.

So this is an example of how Greater Lyon and the Lyon CCI are finding additional ways of deploying their expertise for the region’s economic development, by turning the "Little gems" scheme into a program of excellence for meeting today’s economic challenges.