Grand Lyon's international relations: attendance at the EU Core Net Cities congress on 19 June 2013 in Barcelona

8 July 2013

From the very beginning of the "EU Core Net Cities" project initiated by the Catalan capital, Barcelona had asked the urban community of Lyon to be a stakeholder in this plan with European scope.

Grand Lyon is delighted to have been involved in the launch of the new European city network "EU Core Net Cities", on the occasion of the eponymous congress held on Wednesday, 19 June 2013, in Barcelona (Spain).

EU Core Net Cities, bringing together local authorities in major infrastructure projects in Europe

EU Core Net Cities is a new network, comprising 43 European cities and conurbations, with the objective of highlighting the expectations of major cities and the need for the European Union to take on board the opinion of local authorities with regard to major infrastructure projects - be they road, rail or river - and technological innovations.

The action of the assembled local authorities from around Europe aims to facilitate the boosting of economic growth, competitiveness and territorial cohesion in the European Union.

The challenge is to profit from the extension of trans-European networks to transform the cities into linked, connected, smart and sustainable spaces. Among the objectives pursued by "EU Core Net Cities" are:

  • action within Europe on project funding,
  • the creation of a permanent observatory of the development of transport infrastructures and
  • the promotion of a close relationship between the cities and Europe so as to propose concrete action.

Lyon's railway node, a local problem and a European challenge

In the face of saturated infrastructures, Grand Lyon needs to have the capacity to cope with a population increase of 150 000 by the horizon of 2030.

In the perspective of developments needed to address this challenge, Grand Lyon has benefitted from the launch of the "EU Core Net Cities" network to review the problem already existing in its territory i.e. Lyon's railway node: one of the main bottlenecks in Europe.