French Tech: handing over of the "Lyon digital hub" manifesto to Fleur Pellerin on 5 December 2013 in Lyon

5 December 2013

To accelerate the growth of the urban area’s digital ecosystem and allow Lyon to become a "French Tech" certified urban area, 400 companies from the sector signed the "Lyon digital hub" manifesto which was handed to the Minister, with responsibility for manufacturing recovery, for SMEs, innovation and the digital economy on 5 December 2013, in Lyon.

To mark this official visit, the representatives of the Lyon digital ecosystem arranged a rally at a venue which is particularly symbolic for the sector: the offices of Cegid, which is a Greater Lyon ETI located in Lyon Vaise.

"French Tech", the "Lyon digital hub" manifesto, or the symbol of the Lyon digital revolution

As a means of supporting and providing its digital start-up companies with a prominent platform on the international stage, the Government announced on 27 November 2013, the launch of a new initiative: the "French Tech" - which, amongst other initiatives, will involve, the certification of ten or so leading French urban areas in the digital sector.

To obtain "French Tech" certification, urban areas will have to demonstrate the existence within their city limits of a particularly active ecosystem: sufficient number of start-up companies, SMEs, large groups but also investors as well as a business incubator for young entrepreneurs.

As soon as the government made its announcement, the representatives of the Lyon digital ecosystem got together to produce the "Lyon digital hub" manifesto, in which the signatories stated their commitment to 4 fundamental principles:

  1. the creation of start-up businesses is conditional on them becoming sustainable companies of the future,
  2. the innovation made possible by the digital creation and mix must be compatible with all the economic sectors in the conurbation,
  3. an ecosystem cannot simply be proclaimed, the right conditions for its emergence and development have to be created and
  4. the essential resources for innovation are men and women, along with the skills and special mind-set that they possess.

Since it was put on line on 29 November 2013, the "Lyon digital hub" manifesto has attracted more than 400 signatures in record time, which is proof, if ever it were needed, of just how motivated the Lyon digital ecosystem is!.

The "Lyon touch" working for "French Tech"

The Lyon conurbation which is known for its high concentration of companies in the digital sector, is home to 4,000 such companies employing 34,000 people and more than 1,000 researchers, which makes it the 2nd largest centre in France for companies from the digital sector.

Whilst the figures alone speak for themselves, Greater Lyon also benefits from regular financial investment from its partners and other companies in the digital sector. The professional active networks formed to tackle innovative issues and which allow Lyon companies to draw on each other’s expertise as well as the determination of companies to be at the forefront of the contribution to the conurbation’s economic development are proof of this.

In its efforts to support and keep the digital sector a dynamic one, Greater Lyon will continue with its pro-active policy, which will notably involve providing the whole of the conurbation with very high speed access by 2019.

Greater Lyon has also embraced digital innovation by playing its part in the drive towards making public data more openly available through an ambitious program called "Lyon Smart Data" which, since May 2013, has provided an original platform for accessing data according to one’s profile and one’s needs.

Lyon sees "French Tech" as a permanent feature to which it can add its "Lyon Touch".

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