Expo Real 2014: Lyon, Birmingham and Gothenburg together under the same banner

15 September 2014

Expo Real 2014 is to be held in Munich (Germany) from 6 to 8 October 2014. Joining forces on the same booth for the 1st time, the cities of Lyon, Birmingham (UK) and Gothenburg (Sweden) are intent on asserting their distinctive positioning as leading cities on the international scene. A wonderful opportunity for the 3 partner cities to shine on an international platform and to challenge Europe's big capitals.

Expo Real 2014: Lyon at a time of European openness

Between cooperation and competition, the relationships between cities are evolving on the real-estate market. In a globally unstable economic context, Greater Lyon remains a reliable and safe investment zone – like Birmingham in the UK and Gothenburg in Sweden.

In addition to this consideration, the 3 partner cities have similar assets and characteristics allowing them to claim, together, the status of leading cities at European level.

For the 1st time in 2014, Lyon is making a logical move closer to the cities of Birmingham and Gothenburg – reflected by a shared 93 m2 stand in hall A2 (stand no. 413) at the Expo Real 2014 show. The challenge for Greater Lyon? To give greater credibility to its positioning as a “European metropolis” and to access new investment opportunities. Greater Lyon’s preferred contacts will also have the benefit of simpler access to new markets, by a supported range of services.

On the space shared by the 3 partner cities, ONLYLYON will present in particular current development projects in the Lyon Part-Dieu district.

Expo Real 2014: Lyon, an attractive destination

In an uncertain context, Lyon is still perceived as a safe investment territory and is of interest, more than ever, to European investors in the commercial property market, thanks to its varied offer of a quality which meets all demands.

The Lyon Part-Dieu project will be particularly highlighted. As France’s second tertiary and decision-making centre, Lyon Part-Dieu is a creative, contemporary, dense, hyper-connected and powerful business district. The renewal of this district is evident in particular from two emblematic schemes: the Incity Tower and Sky 56, scheduled for completion in the course of 2015.

In parallel, in Lyon Confluence, development continues apace: phase 2 has been launched and the project will be specifically highlighted, in particular by a physical model on the stand.