Euronews: laying of the first foundation stone for its future world HQ in Lyon Confluence

19 December 2011

Euronews laid the foundations for its future world headquarters on Saturday 12 November 2011 in Lyon Confluence. It will be one of the most visible buildings at the heart of an exceptional project for urban renewal, in the very centre of the city of Lyon.

For this ceremony, the head of Euronews, Michael Peters was accompanied by:

  • Mr Frédéric Mitterrand, the French Minister of Culture and Communications,
  • Mr Jean-Jack Queyranne, Chair of the Conseil Régional Rhône-Alpes and former minister,
  • Mr Gérard Collomb, Senator, Mayor of Lyon, and Chair of Greater Lyon,
  • the co-owners of the building:
    • Mr Marc Papinutti, CEO of French Inland Waterways
    • Mr Claude Blanchet, Regional Director of the Deposits and Consignments fund,
  • the developer Jean-Christophe Larose, CEO of the Cardinal Group,
  • the architects Dominique Jakob and Brendan MacFarlane.

The future Euronews headquarters

Designed by the Jakob + MacFarlane studio, the future Euronews HQ will be an audacious modern building that expresses not just the personality of the broadcaster but also has a strong personality of its own. The international news channel will be situated on the Docks, in the heart of the new Lyon Confluence district, the largest urban reconstruction project in Europe.

The building will be delivered during the 4th quarter of 2013. There will then be six months work to work on the technical and internal aspects of the building following which the channel should move into the building during 2014.

A new worldwide information hub in the heart of Lyon

A space of about 10,000 m2 spread over 6 floors will provide offices for the international channel's current staff of 800. With its two hollowed out spaces and its luminous green perforated skin over the facade, the building as won fame for its technical prowess and its internal arrangement, designed to meet the needs of a television station broadcasting worldwide 24/7.

This new building, one of the more surprising in the Lyon Confluence area, both by its size and its design will give the channel visibility, not just in Lyon, the city where it was born but further afield, regionally and well beyond. The building will be a showcase for one of the most important broadcasters worldwide.

This move into the heart of the city is also a real challenge for Euronews; it is designed to meet extra needs in terms of space which developments over the last few years have rendered pressing. By doubling the surface area of its building, Euronews will be radically transforming its working environment and will now have the ability to develop further and it will also give all its teams new working areas, in a magnificent setting at the confluence of the Rhône and the Saône.

Euronews will co-own its future building with the Deposits and Consignment Fund and the French Inland Waterways, as a property company "Pavillion Vert" (35% Euronews, 25% the Deposits and Consignment Fund, 40% the French Inland Waterways "the VNF").

The Rhône Alpes Savings Bank (CERA) will be responsible for the long term financing of the property company which will own the walls and some internal fittings. In addition the CERA will offer financial guarantees to the developer who is constructing the building as part of a scheme to promote construction.

Lyon Confluence, the new Euronews quarter

Lyon Confluence is an urban renewal project in the very heart of Greater Lyon. This project, rare in Europe, is a challenge for the city. Its 150 hectares will double the area of the very heart of the Lyon conurbation.

In this new quarter Euronews will join:

  • international companies such as GL Events,
  • media companies such as Le Progrès and Espace Group.

The co-owners of the future world headquarters of Euronews


Euronews is an international information channel that covers news 24/7 over the whole world. The channel, a unique news service, broadcasts in 11 different languages, (Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish and Ukrainian) and employs 400 journalists of over 25 nationalities.

Launched in 1993 and based in Lyon, Euronews is available in 350 million homes in 155 countries throughout the world and uses a variety of distribution methods; television, internet, Smartphone, tablets etc.

VNF - French Inland Waterways

From the very start of the Confluence project VNF joined with Greater Lyon and the Deposits and Consignment Fund to be part of the large city centre project to transform the Rambaud docks into the Docks area, just as is happening to many port cities throughout the world. As Marc Papinutti, the head of VNF, puts it "we are not city centre developers but an organisation that can enhance the riparian heritage, by being very demanding in terms of architectural creativity, integrating into the environment and anchoring ourselves in a cityscape that reflects back the image of the river".

Deposits and Consignment Fund

As publicly owned organisation that focuses on regional economic development, the Deposits and Consignment Fund is playing its part as a long term investor in office buildings. Its investment here is in line with the wishes and economic development strategies of the various local authorities.

As part of the operation to refurbish the Lyon docks, the Deposits and Consignment Fund, alongside the French Inland Waterways and other private investors has agreed to redevelop 65,000 m2 of office space. This illustrates the ability of the Deposits and Consignment Fund to intervene ahead of the market to accelerate the process of change and the economic development of areas lying fallow. It also acts as a leader pulling along other investors and in this way satisfies the needs of the local authorities involved.

The developer - Cardinal Group

Created in 2000 the group has specialised in the development of housing stock and the management of apartment buildings. What makes it different from others is a more avant-garde approach that is closely allied to sustainable development and well being.

The tenth national developer of office buildings and the major independent developer in the region, the group is known for the future headquarters of Veolia, Manitowoc as well as Mama Shelter in Marseille, Lyon and Bordeaux.

In the Docks area, the Cardinal Group has already built:

  • the Progrès headquarters (12,000 m2), 
  • the DDB and Communiquez headquarters in the old Customs Building (4,000 m2), 
  • the Maison de la Radio (4,000 m2),
  • its own group's headquarters in the orange cube (4,000 m2).

Today the Cardinal Group is the No. 1 private developer in the Lyon Confluence area, as much in investment as in development. Jean-Christophe Larose, the head of the Group, announced "annual growth in turnover up 35% over the next two years".

The architects - Jakob + MacFarlane

Jakob + MacFarlane already have to their credit the "Cité de la Mode et du Design" on the Paris Docks, the Restaurant Georges in the Pompidou Centre and the "Cube orange", headquarters of the Cardinal Group at Lyon Confluence. Their projects are regularly exhibited in a number of museums (Victoria & Albert Museum in London, SFMOMA in San Francisco, at the Moscow Museum of Architecture, 2000, and the Mori Art Museum of Tokyo, 2004 etc.)