Lyon and the international network AMGVF, Association of Mayors of Major Cities in France

logo du réseau AMGVF, maires de grandes villes de France

AMGVF, Association of Mayors of Major Cities in France

The statutes of Lyon in the network:
  • member of the Committee,
  • presidency of the European Affairs Commission,
  • vice-presidency of the Education Commission
Year in which Lyon joined the network:


Topics addressed in the network:
  • Culture,
  • Economic development,
  • Education, early childhood,
  • Governance,
  • Social cohesion,
  • Territorial marketing,
  • Tourism,
  • University and research,
  • Urban mobility,
  • Youth.

The Association of Mayors of Major Cities in France aims to promote the urban dimension in French society. It encourages and supports the creation of powerful and integrated metropolises to reinforce urban dynamics. This network allows an in-depth dialogue to be started between the elected officials of major cities and the elected officials of major intercommunalities.

Lyon's action in the international AMGVF network

The AMGVF is organised into 9 thematic commissions. Lyon chairs the Europe Commission which is held jointly between the AMGVF and the French Assocation of urban communities. The work of this commission allows major cities and agglomerations in France to have some weight in decision-making processes - at national and European level - with regard to urban issues.


Christophe Meunier

Métropole de Lyon - Economic development, employment and knowledge delegation

responsable affaires européennes