Lyon and Jéricho in Dunkerque (France) in November 2013

from 28 to 29 November 2013

logo de la ville Jéricho, Palestine

Trip confirmed.

Destination of trip:

Dunkerque (France)

Topics of the meeting:
  • Cooperation for development,
  • Economic development,
  • Governance,
  • Social cohesion.
This trip relates to:
  • the partner city of Lyon:
  • international networks:

Forum of European Communities for Palestine at Dunkerque; Lyon launches a Jericho partners’ platform from 28 to 29 in November 2013.


In October 2012, local elections were held in Palestine, resulting in the election of a number of new mayors, including the mayor of Jericho, a Lyon partner city since 2004.

The November forum will enable talking a look at the different European approaches to cooperation with Palestine and to reinforce pan-European support for local communities in Palestine. A conference was held in Dunkerque on November 29th with the goal of:

  • broadening Franco-Palestine partnership dynamics on a pan-European level and
  • associating both national and international financial backers to the development strategy of the Palestinian territories

In this context, on Friday, November 29, the Jericho partners'platform have been launched on the initiative of Lyon. It will enable the partner cities of Jericho who cooperate in similar or identical areas to share their expertise and funding to obtain greater impact and follow-up.

This will provide a lever for new city executives to accelerate project implementation and reinforce local governing capability.


Valérie De Rosa

Métropole de Lyon - Economic development, employment and knowledge delegation

chargée de mission coopération décentralisée