Franckfurt (Germany) in Lyon in July 2014

from 12 to 18 July 2014

logo de la ville Francfort, Allemagne

Visit confirmed.

Venue for the visit:

Lyon (France)

Topics of the meeting:
  • Education, early childhood,
  • Sport.
This visit relates to:
  • the partner city of Lyon:

sports and cultural exchange - 250 young sports-lovers from 12 to 17 years old from Lyon and Frankfurt are welcomed to Lyon from 12 to 18 July for the 6th year in succession.


Since 2009, the Sports Office of Lyon and the equivalent in Frankfurt (Sportjugend Frankfurt) have been organising exchanges for young sports-lovers from various sports clubs in the two twinned cities (hockey, football, rugby, table tennis, volleyball, swimming…). They all meet in Lyon one year and in Frankfurt the following year to share sports activities and cultural exchanges.
This year around 250 young Germans, from 15 sports clubs are coming to Lyon to stay with 200 Lyon families. Some 70 volunteers and club coaches are involved in this operation.

On the agenda for the week in Lyon:

  • sports activities,
  • visit of Lyon,
  • leisure activites all together,
  • reception at City Hall ...

Main objective: To promote active European citizenship

This scheme throws up a range of challenges: sport as an instrument of cohesion and education, cultural activities, the need to overcome the language barrier and the welcome extended by the host families - all favour the establishment of a European citizenship and openness to others.

In addition, as Marc Feuillet, president of the OSL (Office des Sports de Lyon), puts it: “this operation allows young people to acquire intercultural skills which are very important in improving their chances of success in their future."

This project, supported in part by the Office Franco-Allemand de la Jeunesse and the City of Lyon and allows young people from any social level to be involved in this exchange.

In July 2015, the youngsters from Lyon will then be welcomed by clubs and families in Frankfurt.



Juliette Cantau

Métropole de Lyon - Economic development, employment and knowledge delegation

chargée de mission partenariats internationaux