Ecuador in Lyon in November 2013

from 8 to 9 November 2013

drapeau de l'Equateur

Visit confirmed.

Venue for the visit:

Lyon (France)

Topics of the meeting:
  • Cleantech,
  • Creative industries,
  • University and research,
  • Waste collection and processing.

The President of the Republic of Ecuador is to come to Lyon from in November 2013.


Rafael Correa Delgado, President of the Republic of Ecuador, was welcomed by the Mayor of Lyon for a luncheon in the rooms of Lyon City Hall on Friday, 8 November 2013.

The official delegation from Ecuador, comprising the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister for Defence, the Minister of Knowledge and Human Talent, and the National Secretary for Higher Education, Technological Services and Innovation, will also be received at the INSA in Lyon for a presentation of the campus and the nanotechnology platform, and a tour of the waste recycling laboratory.

As leader of the country since January 2007, being re-elected in 2009, President Correa has committed Ecuador to a process of deep social, economic and political transformation: the “citizens’ revolution”, the foundations of which are built on a new Constitution approved by referendum on 28 September 2008. Mr Correa has strengthened the role of the State in the economy (renegotiation of the debt and oil contracts with private companies) and in the social domain (reform of health and education services).

The President of Ecuador also wishes to reinforce national sovereignty and regional integration. In February 2013, elections resulted in a very big victory for Rafael Correa, confirming the current President’s domination on the political scene in Ecuador.


Guillaume Arnould

Métropole de Lyon - Economic development, employment and knowledge delegation

chargé de mission internationalité territoire et logistique organisation