International relations, Lyon - Yerevan (Armenia)

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Yerevan, capital of Armenia

Partnership treated:
  • Cooperation for development,
  • Culture,
  • Economic development,
  • Green spaces,
  • Youth.
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International networks in common with Lyon:

AIMF, Eurocities, LUCI, UCLG.

The commitment of the City of Lyon to development cooperation actions was born in Armenia after the earthquake which ravaged the region of Spitak in 1988. It subsequently developed continually around issues of planning, urban services and public transport.

Lyon - Yerevan (Armenia) cooperation, key dates

In 2003, the SYTRAL (Transport Federation for the Rhône and the urban community of Lyon) gifted Yerevan its first 10 buses, all refurbished and reconditioned vehicles. Some forty buses were subsequently sent there by the end of 2004. In parallel, Armenian technicians were trained in maintaining these new vehicles in the TCL workshops (Lyon Public Transport).

In October 2006, Lyon inaugurated Armenia Year in France. The programme organised by the Franco-Armenian associations in the Lyon region offered an unprecedented exploration of the riches of traditional and contemporary Armenian culture: exhibitions, films, concerts, dance, gastronomy and lectures.

In 2007, Lyon and Yerevan worked to create “Lyon Park” in the Armenian capital. At the end of numerous missions by urban planning teams from Lyon - based on the sharing of know-how - the park was inaugurated in 2011 on the occasion of an official visit by the Mayor of Lyon.

In 2011, the Vatel Institute, with support from Lyon, created a section for training managers in the Hotel and Catering Industry within Yerevan's Institute of Tourism.


Isabelle Lagarde

Métropole de Lyon - Economic development, employment and knowledge delegation

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