International relations, Lyon - Porto-Novo (Benin)

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Porto-Novo, capital of Benin

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  • Cooperation for development,
  • Culture,
  • Economic development,
  • Governance,
  • Heritage,
  • Tourism,
  • Urban planning.
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Initiated in 1999, the cooperation partnership between Lyon and Porto-Novo (Benin) took on a new dimension in 2002 with the start of the decentralisation movement in Benin. Since that time, a real reflection on the development of Porto-Novo was entered into, in relation with the communities on the outskirts of Porto-Novo.

Lyon - Porto-Novo (Benin) cooperation, key dates

Porto-Novo has a high-quality colonial Afro-Brazilian architectural heritage; however, it is being destroyed and there is thus an urgent need for the competent authorities to take concrete measures to protect and safeguard it. In this context, the City of Lyon has, since 2002, mobilised its Heritage Department to support Porto-Novo in its steps towards World Heritage classification.

By way of an extension to this support, Lyon and Porto-Novo have been cooperating since 2005 to put in place an integrated intercommunal policy for the development of tourism. The aim? To develop and enhance the natural riches and rich heritage of Porto-Novo.

In 2011, on the basis of a new agreement, the partnership between Lyon and Porto-Novo was re-oriented towards a more technical cooperation in the fields of urban services and local planning: an action conducted closely with the agglomeration's community of Cergy Pontoise.


Philippe Di Loreto

Métropole de Lyon - Economic development, employment and knowledge delegation

responsable coopération décentralisée