International relations, Lyon - Lodz (Poland)

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Lodz, Poland's third largest city

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  • University and research.
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Since 1989, Lyon has been able to involve a large number of institutions in the agglomeration of Lyon which are interested in supporting Poland in its democratic transformation and its shift to a market economy. Sharing a rich past in the textile industry and a strong interest in fashion and design, the cities of Lyon and Lodz quickly forged official relations in 1991.

Lyon - Lodz (Poland) cooperation, key dates

Since the start of the millennium, all the universities in Lyon (EM Lyon, École centrale, ECAM, INSA, etc.) and the Bar of Lyon have signed cooperation agreements with their Polish counterparts. The Université Lyon 2 sealed this university partnership with the creation of the Fashion University at the Polytechnic School of Lodz.

In 2011, the two cities celebrated the 20th anniversary of their cooperation in Lodz by cultural events and exchanges in the field of the economy.

From 2007 to 2010, Lyon and Lodz have been linked via the European programme URBACT 2 which scrutinises urban regeneration. This project called URBAMECO has allowed some ten cities to work together to seek out innovative and sustainable solutions integrating simultaneously economic, social and environmental aspects for the advent of competitive yet united metropolises.


Juliette Cantau

Métropole de Lyon - Economic development, employment and knowledge delegation

chargée de mission partenariats internationaux