International relations, Lyon - Be'er Sheva (Israel)

logo de la ville Be'er Sheva, Israël
World region:

Middle East

City name:

Be'er Sheva, administrative centre of Negev

Partnership treated:
  • Culture,
  • Youth.
First year of the partnership:


Lyon and Be'er Sheva (Israel) have been linked by a twinning agreement since 1981. In 2003, a cooperation programme based on cultural and sports actions arose.

Lyon - Be'er Sheva (Israel) cooperation, key dates

In 2004, Lyon organised and hosted the International Conference of Mayors for Peace in the Middle East. This gathering, which inaugurated tripartite cooperation between Jericho (Palestine), Be'er Sheva (Israel) and Lyon, resulted in work between Palestinian, Israeli and European professional branches.

In 2004, representatives of the Municipal Council of the Youth of Be'er Sheva had the opportunity to meet their counterparts in Lyon to put in place an exchange programme relating to environmental education, and more specifically on the topic of water.

In 2010, the City of Be'er Sheva named one of its roads after Justin Godart, as a homage to the major opponent of the Nazi ideology, and an interim Mayor of Lyon during the Second World War.

In 2011, the new Mayor of Be'er Sheva relaunched the content of this cooperation by focussing the priorities on cultural areas and economic development.


Valérie De Rosa

Métropole de Lyon - Economic development, employment and knowledge delegation

chargée de mission coopération décentralisée