International relations, Lyon - Barcelona (Spain)

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City name:

Barcelona, Spain's second city in terms of its economy

Partnership treated:
  • Economic development,
  • Good food,
  • Smart city,
  • Territorial marketing,
  • Tourism,
  • Urban mobility.
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International networks in common with Lyon:

Délice, Eurocities, IAEC, UCLG, WHO GNAFCC.

Partnerships between Lyon and Barcelona have intensified since 2001. In addition to exchanges of expertise about urban services and strategic visions for international, economic and social development, their common commitment within international networks has led to a mutual inspiration between the two metropolises.

Lyon - Barcelona (Spain) cooperation, key dates

In 1986, Lyon and Barcelona alongside Birmingham, Frankfurt, Milan and Rotterdam created the Eurocities network. This European network - now with 130 city members in over 30 countries in Europe - aims to establish exchanges about good practices between the cities and to promote a European urban agenda for community institutions.

In 2009, Lyon organised the “Demain l'eau en partage” project, supported by the European Youth in Action programme. This project brought together young people in 6 European and African cities: Barcelona, Lyon, Turin, Bamako, Ouagadougou and Porto-Novo. For one year, the 6 municipalities created the conditions for an intercultural dialogue and organised two seminars (in Ouagadougou and in Lyon), promoting better understanding of societies via the topic of water and the involvement of youth in the face of this environmental challenge.

In 2012, Grand Lyon's Cleanliness Department visited Barcelona to look at the functioning of its counterpart department in the Spanish city. The aim was to identify interesting tools which could be replicated in the territory of Grand Lyon.


Juliette Cantau

Métropole de Lyon - Economic development, employment and knowledge delegation

chargée de mission partenariats internationaux