Lyon and the European project TRANSFORM, Energy plans for urban communities

logo du projet européen Transform
Duration of the European project:

2012 - 2015

Topics addressed in the European project:
  • Energy,
  • Sustainable development.
Lead partner in the European project:

Municipality of Amsterdam (Netherlands)

The status of Lyon in the European project:


Name of the European programme:

FP7 - Energy-SMARTCITIES-2012

Other partners in the European project:

City of Amsterdam (Netherlands), City of Copenhagen (Denmark), City of Hamburg (Germany), City of Vienna (Austria), City of Genoa (Italy).

Budget for the European project:

Total cost: 7 802 779.00 EUR
European funding: 5 611 856.00 EUR

TRANSFORM is a project to produce an energy planning tool. Each city in the programme undertakes to work to produce an energy strategy on a pilot site forming the subject of an urban project in the launch phase. Based on research conducted on demonstration sites in the cities involved, a financial model is to be constructed and also a governance process to support the energy transition.

Lyon's involvement in the European project TRANSFORM

In the metropolis of Lyon, the Part-Dieu district was selected as the test territory. By means of this approach, a number of challenges appear for Grand Lyon, allowing it to bring together the energy stakeholders around the sharing of data and a common culture and to test strategic planning tools at district level, with a view to a future master energy plan for the agglomeration.


Christophe Meunier

Métropole de Lyon - Economic development, employment and knowledge delegation

responsable affaires européennes

Clémence Thibaut

Métropole de Lyon - Economic development, employment and knowledge delegation

cheffe de projets affaires européennes, correspondante à Bruxelles