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Find out all about tourist tax in Greater Lyon

Understand and declare tourist tax

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Since 1 January 2010, and in accordance with deliberation no. 2009-0889 of the Community Council of 6 July 2009, a tourist tax was introduced for the entire territory of Greater Lyon.

What is the tourist tax used for?

In accordance with the law, and in close consultation with the Greater Lyon Tourist and Conference Office, tourist tax proceeds are used exclusively to:

  • promote the destination;
  • develop tourist numbers and;
  • improve the welcome extended to tourists.

Tariffs (per person per night)

  • Hotels and self-catering 5 star, "clés" or "épis" and city break luxury :
    • until 31 December 2015 inclusive : EUR 1.65
    • from 1 January 2016 : 2.47 EUR ;
  • Hotels and self-catering 4 star, "clés" or "épis" and premium city break: EUR 1.65;
  • Hotels and self-catering 3 star, "clés" or "épis" and comfort city break: EUR 1.10;
  • Hotels and self-catering 2 star, "clés" or "épis" and super comfort holliday villages: EUR 0.99;
  • Hotels and self-catering 1 star, "clés" or "épis" and comfort holiday villages: EUR 0.83;
  • Accommodation not classified and not awarded any labels: EUR 0.83;
  • 3, 4 and 5 star campsites: EUR 0.61;
  • 1 and 2 star campsites: EUR 0.22.

Those liable

Tourist tax has to be paid by anyone staying in commercial accommodation in Greater Lyon, who does not have a residence in the territory for which they are already liable to pay residence tax. 


  • Children under 18 years of age;
  • Residents of Greater Lyon who pay residence tax;
  • People with a seasonal employment contract who are working in the Greater Lyon territory;
  • The beneficiaries of emergency accommodation or temporary rehousing.

Online tourist tax declaration platform

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