Lyon Smart City

Lyon, a decidedly co-smart city

Lyon is constantly evolving and becoming an innovative, sustainable and vibrant smart city. In 2050, 70% of the world's population will be living in towns and cities: a wonderful opportunity to develop a new urban innovation process.

Lyon in the air: the key figures of the smart city on video

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To understand what the co-smart city represents, fly over Lyon and discover the strengths and key figures of Smart City in Greater Lyon (France).

The Lyon Smart City process

Along with local stakeholders and residents, Lyon Métropole provides leverage for innovation and creative force in the metropolitan area to:

  • meet urban challenges,
  • support new urban practices,
  • create a Lyon lifestyle.

Lyon Smart City is a transversal approach to the various businesses of Lyon Métropole that uses transformation of the city to produce innovation.

The final goal is to create economic, social and societal value for the Greater Lyon metropolitan area by bringing together all territorial players.

Lyon Smart City brochure 2016 (English version)

Lyon Smart City is a new way to think of the city and one we share with you!

In Lyon, we count on community strength by deploying an approach to innovation built on the "working together" model:

  • methods based on open innovation to build new urban services with the help of users;
  • an agile approach that includes and anticipates digital evolution;
  • robust public-private-citizen co-productions that encourage innovation and experimentation;
  • very close contact with the population through the activation of new forms of citizenship;
  • an approach and actions that are shared and without barriers, in collaboration with territorial partners.

    The Smart City strategy means as from now moving towards a responsible and efficient economy of tomorrow, by promoting innovation over the entire territory, to make the city a more pleasant place for you.

    Video: Lyon Smart City, what is it?

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    Animation released in November 2014 presenting the Greater Lyon's smart city strategy and major smart experiments in progress in the Greater Lyon area (France).

    Lyon Smart City is:

    • 104 innovative projects
    • 289 diverse partners, including 13 European cities
    • 33 500 jobs in design and research
    • 33 500 jobs in digital technology and the creative industries
    • 1st industrial conurbation in France

    We promote the development of innovative businesses in Greater Lyon territory thanks to collaborative spaces and numerous services for innovation.

    Innover : pictogramme du service business du Grand Lyon


    Go to our dedicated page if you want to know more about the innovative programmes and services of Lyon Smart City.

    Métropole de Lyon's services to innovative businesses

    Focus on TUBÀ

    logo Tubà, le tube à expérimentations urbaines à Lyon

    In the heart of the Lyon Part-Dieu district, TUBÀ was born: a place of innovation, incubation and development for innovative businesses in the city of tomorrow, using public and private urban data.

    TUBÀ's missions: to stimulate the creation of innovative services for and with users and the creation of activities and jobs around the sharing of public and private data.


    Data Grand Lyon

    Major projects and experiments

    Lyon Métropole is conducting dozens of prestigious projects for innovation in your city.

    Air quality

    In the context of the Plan Oxygène and the Smart City approach, Lyon Métropole wants to create the conditions for innovation and co-build innovative and interactive innovations with territorial partners to meet air quality goals.

    The objectives are to change the behavior of local residents using digital leverage, develop technological capability for reducing and treating emissions and develop urban monitoring capabilities.

    Focus on the open innovation approach

    vue panoramique de la ville de Lyon

    An open approach to air quality was launched on November 10, 2016, during a federating event that brought together the entire local ecosystem on this topic (HappyTIC: "Air quality and digital means").

    A charter is being developed to commit all process partners.

    In 2017, an innovation challenge will be launched to support the emergence of new solutions, from design through prototyping to experimentation with the idea of a final operational deployment of these innovative services over the metropolitan area.

    Energy transition and smart grids

    Greater Lyon is the first territory in Europe to experiment with smart grids, in order to be able to better conserve energy resources and manage consumption. The territory of Lyon is thus host to a large number of projects: Lyon Smart Community (with NEDO); Greenlys; Smart Electric Lyon; Watt & Moi; the experimental roll-out of Linky; the European "Transform" project in partnership with Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Vienna, Genoa and Hamburg.

    Focus on Lyon Smart Community

    logo Lyon Smart Community

    In Lyon Confluence, the Lyon Smart Community project is in constant development. In September 2015, it inaugurated HIKARI, the first energy-positive mixed block in Europe (offices, shops and housing). The HIKARI buildings combine an excellent energy performance of the bioclimatic architecture with the renewable energy production and networked building operation.

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    Urban renewal

    Urban renewal, a support for innovation...

    Focus on Lyon Living Lab

    Lyon won the French government's "Démonstrateurs industriels pour la ville durable" (industrial demonstrator for the sustainable city) call for tender: that's how Lyon Living Lab, a multi-partner project, was born.

    The role of Lyon Métropole is reinforced around a concrete demonstrator on the scale of the Lyon Confluence district that will take into account environmental resiliency and a will to act in favor of public health and well-being, while making the city attractive.

    At term, Lyon Living Lab aims to create one, or several, neutral operators for energy data and territorial energy optimization at the metropolitan scale.

    Lyon Living Lab (in French)

    Urban water management

    Lyon Métropole responds in an increasingly detailed way to the issues tied to water quality.

    We use new technologies (sensors, monitoring, modeling) to improve the preservation of water resources, while developing service for users.

    Focus on Hublo

    centre de supervision d'eau potable Hublo

    A supervision centre for potable water management was inaugurated in February 2015 under a public service delegation contract. The supervision centre collects all data linked to the operation of the water service: natural resources, factories, networks, customer base, etc. The display and analysis of these data in real time help optimise interventions and in particular reduce water leaks and energy consumption.

    Hublo is:

    • 1 309 878 residents supplied with water
    • 10 000 connected meters deployed per month until 2018

    Focus on Optimod'Lyon

    logo Optimod'Lyon

    In May 2015, the 3-year research and development project between Lyon Métropole and some fifteen partners (businesses and research laboratories) has come to an end. We has brought together all the Greater Lyon territory's transport data to develop four key services: the first multimodal GPS on smartphone, a website, the world's first, which brings together all mobility options, an urban freight navigator and a delivery round optimisation tool. Optimod'Lyon is the first in Europe to provide 1-hour traffic forecasts.

    Research and development in innovative services is continuing with the Opticities European project.

    vue aérienne de l'agglomération lyonnaise, mobilité


    Lyon Métropole, together with healthcare professionals and associations strives to improve the state of health of its population, to provide better and personalized access to care on its territory.

    The main actions include: better articulation of medical and social players (health information systems) and better knowledge of the population's needs (health observatory).

    Focus on Pascaline

    The Pascaline program aims at developing a whole range of innovative health services in order to improve users health path and make exchanges between medical, health care and social professional easier, while still perfectly safe and confidential. The final goal is to empower the user in being an actor of his own health.

    The Pascaline program includes:

    • a digital vaccination card,
    • a territorial support platform (a support system to help healthcare professionals manage complex health paths),
    • "Via Trajectoire", a single computerized file for nursing home registration.

    Pascaline (in French)


    Open innovation entails a change in conception methods to give more freedom to creation and "co-construction" by letting "inventors" of all background play with the tools, data and their imagination.

    For a more surprising, more dynamic, more cultural, more interactive city, Lyon Métropole is co-inventing a richer city experience with its residents, its professionals, its entrepreneurs.

    Focus on Remix

    The Remix approach focuses on a site, its context (social, urban, user) and constraints. It does not respond to a purchase order, but is based on reappropriation, creativity and co-creation. Immersion in a real site for a very short time (2-3 days) encourages exchanging competencies through increased collaboration between various groups of users, experts, designers, etc.

    Through experimentation and prototyping, Lyon Métropole brings to life innovative ideas and projects that the city includes in public action.

    Remix de la Maison des étudiants de la Métropole de Lyon

    The Lyon Métropole's house of students Remix in October 2016 saw the creation of 6 main projects for its upcoming reconfiguration in 2017.