Develop your business with the "Pépites" platform

Entrepreneur looking for growth: boost the development of your SME

Petites et moyennes entreprises (PME) en hyper-croissance : pictogramme du service business du Grand Lyon

A small or medium-sized business with strong development potential? Since 2011, the Métropole de Lyon and the Lyon Chamber of Trade and Industry have worked together to support you with the Pépites platform.

Pépites is a unique platform dedicated to businesses with good development potential in their rapid-growth phase.

Join Pépites!

Join Pépites and have access to:

  • A label
    • a labelling committee comprising business leaders,
    • 10 labels awarded per year;
  • Expertise
    • customised support for 2 years, 
    • recourse to external expertise if you hit a major stumbling block;
  • A community
    • sharing experience,
    • an association, called the "cercle Pépites".

You are a fast-growing SME in Greater Lyon (turnover rising by 20% annually for 3 to 4 years); we can support you so you can successfully break through the "glass ceiling".

The Pépites Programme: conditions of the permanent call for projects (in French)

The Pépites Programme: official website (in French)