Retailers, trade and sales professionals: develop your business in Greater Lyon

Commerces, enseignes : pictogramme du service business du Grand Lyon

Projects holders, retailers, independent shops, investors, the Métropole de Lyon and its partners are available to help you in your development. From the strategic framework to the analysis of the economic trends, several solutions are available to you.

Contacts at your service

The public stakeholders and consular chambers guide you to develop your project as appropriate for the urban and commercial environment, and in harmony with the needs of Greater Lyon’s consumers.

Métropole de Lyon

Commercial urban planning master plan (SDUC), territorial strategies, property, local urban plan (PLU), urban planning, etc.

Consular chambers

Individual support, economic data, thematic studies, creation / takeover, etc.


Régulation framework.

Communities of the Métropole de Lyon

urban authorizations, properties, public space management, etc.

City centre managers

Coordination - management - territorial development, interface between retails and local authorities, information - communication, local real estate offering.

Employment and inclusion players

Recruitment, job and skills management, training.

Key tools to support you

The Métropole de Lyon has set up several tools allowing you to better know your area.

The Commercial urban planning master plan (SDUC)

The Commercial urban planning master plan (SDUC) is a strategic document about commercial development on the Greater Lyon area.

It aims to organize and size the Métropole de Lyon’s commercial offer, considering:

  • territorial development;
  • sustainable development and;
  • meeting the needs of consumers.

This document is the result of collaboration between the Métropole de Lyon, the Lyon chamber of trade and industry, the trade and craft guild of the Rhône, the Rhône department, the SEPAL and all the municipalities forming the inter-municipality.

The purpose of the Commercial urban planning master plan (SDUC) of the Métropole de Lyon is:

  • to help local authorities in the siting and planning of projects associated with shops and their environment (development of public spaces, structural organisation, urban landscapes, parking, deliveries, etc.);
  • to serve as a reference framework for the definition of priorities in the action of the consular chambers for the benefit of their members (associations of shopkeepers, craftsmen, professional trade unions, etc.);
  • to serve as a basis for producing the Local urban plan (PLU);
  • to guide and to orient private investments (brands, distribution groups, developers, investors and such like);
  • to be a permanent consultation forum for private and public stakeholders;
  • to serve as support for the promotion policy and as commercial prospecting of the urban area;
  • to put the bases to define the priorities of the public interventions in the devices of management and animation of the commercial centralities.

The household buying behaviour survey

Since 1973, at the initiative of the Lyon Chamber of Trade and Commerce, the Métropole de Lyon and its partners have a buying behaviour observatory. Survey results were used as a basis for orienting Commercial urban planning master plans (SDUC) in 1994, from 2004-2009, and then from 2009-2015. The ideal tool for finding out about major consumer trends, better understanding the customer base and the scope of the main buying locations.

The Local urban plan

This enforceable document regulates the land use and establishes the development conditions for commercial activities on the area, across several devices:

  • zoning (and coverage ratio in the UX zone);
  • regulations;
  • commercial polarities;
  • linear polarities (crafts and commercial, all activities).

Currently undergoing a general revision, the new PLU-H (Local urban development and housing plan) will be binding on January 1st, 2018.

Promotion and development operations

The Métropole de Lyon is a partner of the Lyon Chamber of Trade and Commerce in the organisation of several annual events for local commercial sector players, developers and project holders.

Lyon Shop & Design

Lyon Shop & Design aims to boost and make more efficient Greater Lyon’s commercial framework by bringing together retailers and professionals in architecture and design, in a growth target performance of point of sale.

An approach to:

  • encourage the modernisation of the commercial framework and make it more attractive;
  • stimulate innovation and creativity in commercial architecture;
  • create a network for retailers and professionals in architecture, design and web;
  • create a knock-on effect for the whole sector;
  • use design as a lever for economic development.

Lyon Visio Commerce

Lyon Visio Commerce highlights Greater Lyon’s priority commercial sites and explains their development potential to a public of brand developers seeking new sites.

Grande semaine du commerce (Big shopping week)

The Grande semaine du commerce (Big shopping week) is a festive event which federates retailers and makes the general public aware of local shopping.

Forum Franchise

The 1st event dedicated to franchise in Rhône-Alpes and the 3rd nationally, the Forum Franchise Lyon is a place for discussion and meetings between franchisors, project owners and business leaders wanting to develop by franchising.


Emilie Michaud

Métropole de Lyon - Economic development, employment and knowledge delegation

cheffe de projets commerce de proximité

Yann Gicquel

Métropole de Lyon - Economic development, employment and knowledge delegation

chef de projets stratégie et urbanisme commercial