Lyon Confluence: real-estate (invest, set up and relocate)

central, innovative and creative
perspective des îlots E, F, H Lyon Confluence

Lyon Confluence is one of the biggest urban redevelopment projects in Europe.

It focuses on the transformation of brownfield sites located at the confluence of the Rhône and Saône, as an extension of Lyon's city centre, doubling its size.

The first phase was successfully completed and already 35 ha of the second phase invite further investment in this exceptional, bright, waterside and natural environment at the confluence of the two rivers.

Exceptional urban quality

perspective Lyon Confluence à terme, vue depuis l'Ouest

Bordered by a two-kilometre long city park along the the Saône riverbanks, the Lyon Confluence area embraces a mix of uses, creativity and innovation.

Lyon Confluence already houses various:

  • media outlets,
  • cultural institutions and
  • governmental entities (Rhône-Alpes Region, Rhône-Alpes Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bank of France, etc.).

With a nautical square, numerous terraces, shops, recreational facilities and apartments, Lyon Confluence offers its residents a sustainable and comfortable living environment.

Businesses that have chosen Lyon Confluence take advantage of high-quality visibility and are right next door to the historic city-centre of Lyon.

A multimodal area along the Saône riverbanks

The site offers an exceptional environment that is luminous, aquatic and natural despite having physical constraints. Special attention has been given to transport.

Lyon Confluence is directly connected to the Lyon Perrache transport hub, which provides

  • a bus terminal,
  • a railway station for TGV and regional trains, and
  • a metro terminal.

The T1 tramway, now extended to Lyon Gerland, is running through the Lyon Confluence area.

In an easily walkable neighbourhood, numerous completed, underway or planned projects will increase the connexion with the rest of the conurbation:

  • a bridge dedicated to tramway and soft transport modes now crosses the Rhône to connect with Lyon Gerland;
  • the Girondins bridge will strengthen the connection of these two areas in 2020; and
  • the creation of a railway stop on the territory's south end is under consideration.

A creative and innovative area

pavillon des Salins à Lyon Confluence

Along the Perrache quay, a unique system of shared parking spaces is under development:

  • used by employees during the day and
  • available for residents and visitors at night and on weekends.

This way, public space is freed from parking and can be put to better use.

As the first French WWF sustainable area, Lyon Confluence is committed to emitting no more greenhouse gases in 2020 than in 2000.

Laboratory and showcase for the "smart city", Lyon Confluence houses various environmental initiatives:

Lyon Confluence in 2025

Lyon Confluence has entered its second construction phase: the land historically occupied by the wholesale market and railways has been redesigned by the firm Herzog & de Meuron to house a multifunctional project.

In 2025, the 420,000 m2 net floor area will be dedicated at

Two sectors distinguish themselves:

  • the market area,
    • mixed and dense,
    • maintains 30% of the covered market heritage,
    • it will become the new home for the Maison de la Danse;
  • "le champ",
    • a green zone made up of private plots bordered by public pathways and valleys,
    • will house activities for creative industries and a residency for international researchers.
perspective Lyon Confluence (vue aérienne)

Lyon Confluence programmes

  • Delivery in 2015
    • Convergence: 9,940 m2
  • Deliveries in 2016
    • ZAC 1 - îlot M3 Nord / D4: 12,000 m2
    • Ilot A3: 9,000 m2

Positive vibrations from block P

perspective Lyon Confluence, îlot P vu depuis la Région

Emblematic of the new quality of city provided by the Lyon Confluence area, block P will house 3 positive energy buildings.

The technological support of Nedo (Japanese energy efficiency office) will encourage a moderation in energy consumption without compromising comfort. A smart grid will enable optimal management of energy for the three buildings.

The 12,000 m2 project has been designed by the architect Kengo Kuma and developped by Bouygues Immobilier associated with SNC-Pitance.

Real estate: map of setting up and investment opportunities

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map of sites to set up in and invest in Greater Lyon Lyon Vaise digital cluster Western Lyon economic cluster Cite internationale of Lyon Carre de Soie Lyon Part Dieu Lyon Confluence Lyon-Gerland Biodistrict Lyon technology park Lyon-Saint Exupery airport Chemical Valley Northern Isere territory Plaine de l'Ain industrial park Agri-food and distribution center (Corbas) Lyon Bioparc (health) Urban East park Gaulnes industrial park LyonTech

Lyon Confluence in figures

  • One of the biggest urban redevelopment projects in Europe
    • 150 hectares, of which 70 hectares of reclaimed land,
    • 1,000,000 m2 at the end of the project
    • 10,000 current residents; 16,000 at the end of the project
    • 12,000 current jobs; 25,000 at the end of the project
    • 4,000 future apartments
  • 230 - 250 €/m2/year new construction prime rent
  • Phase 1 (2003-2015) on 41 hectares
    • 400,000 m2 of net floor area:
      • 145,000 m2 housing
      • 130,000 m2 for tertiary and activity use
      • 95,000 m2 retail, hotels and services
      • 30,000 m2 public facilities and spaces
    • urban planner: Atelier Ruelle
    • landscape: Michel Desvignes
    • 1.165 M€ in investments
  • Phase 2 (2012-2025) on 35 hectares
    • 420,000 m2 of net floor area:
      • 140,000 m2 housing
      • 230,000 m2 for tertiary and activity use
      • 15,000 m2 retail hotels and services
      • 35,000 m2 urban public facilities
    • urban planner: Herzog & de Meuron
    • landscape: Michel Desvigne
    • first completions planned for 2016