www2012: a major event turns Lyon into the world's Internet capital

11 June 2012

Lyon was host to the prestigious worldwide conference on new uses of the Web from 18th to 20th April 2012!

www2012, an unprecedented success

Above all, Internet professionals will remember the presence of Tim Berners Lee, co-inventor of the World Wide Web, who gave several lectures at www2012. Meeting attendees were also able to hear philosopher Bernard Stiegler.

This edition, which was organized by the University of Lyon, was a particular favorite and will remain in the annals of www as one of the most heavily attended conferences. The traditional gala dinner (in the Beaujolais region) and the VIP cocktail at Lyon City Hall were just as successful and gave participants a chance to visit the most outstanding features of the local cultural heritage.

This success can be explained by the simultaneous organization of www2012 and CIUEN 2012, along with the first edition of the Digital Technology Show. Lyon thus became the Internet capital of the world for one week!

The Digital Technology Show

The Digital Technology Show, a new exhibition venue opened in conjunction with www2012, was inaugurated by the Greater Lyon Authority, the University of Lyon, Google, Orange, Cegid Education and Microsoft Education.

Lyon Web Community

During the Show, Greater Lyon revealed its new interactive tool: Lyon Web Community.

With just one click, site visitors can learn about and contact the 400 Web  companies located in Lyon, who are all potential partners or service providers. The Lyon Internet sector was particularly well represented during this event through the 15 local companies selected to be present on the Greater Lyon stand because of their outstanding dedication to innovation.