The Jones Lang LaSalle Eurocities study, 2013: Lyon confirms its attractiveness for investors and users

14 June 2013

The objective of the Eurocities study by Jones Lang LaSalle is to provide a decision-making support for investors and user-businesses of office space in the conurbation of Lyon.

The criteria of the Jones Lang LaSalle Eurocities study (May 2013)

The study compares 12 European cities selected on the basis of quite specific criteria, namely:

  • size of population,
  • economic fabric and dynamism,
  • spontaneous notoriety,
  • transport infrastructures,
  • quality property stock, etc.

Its analysis criteria offer a well-founded and precise vision of the conurbations insofar as they concern:

  • the property stock,
  • the take-up,
  • the investment volume,
  • the level of property availability and
  • the high-end prime rental value in the conurbation.

The results of the Lyon of the Jones Lang LaSalle Eurocities study (May 2013)

Of the 12 cities compared, many of them bigger than Lyon (Milan, Barcelona, Dublin, Frankfurt, Brussels, Prague, Manchester, Dusseldorf, Geneva, Rotterdam and Amsterdam), Lyon is ranked 4th in the general classification. In the breakdown, Lyon is ranked in particular:

  • 6th for the take-up of 219,000 m2;
  • 4th for the rental value at EUR 285 excl. tax /m2/an ;
  • 2nd for the vacancy level at 5.2% (behind Geneva) ;
  • 4th for investment volume at EUR 925 million (all types of assets combined) ;
  • 4th for the property stock / population ratio, with 4.2 m2/person.

Attractive in terms of rents, dense and dynamic in terms of economic fabric and activity, the Lyon market is a resolutely healthy and durable one for investors and users.

At the nerve centre of Europe and having projects with a high development potential, Lyon is the only Eurocity in France and has many advantages to attract even more investors and businesses to its territory.

The attractiveness of the Lyon conurbation, presented by the director of Jones Lang LaSalle in Lyon (in French)