Smart City Meetings 2016: a huge success and impressive perspectives

25 March 2016

Over 500 attendees participated in the 2016 Smart City Meetings in Lyon to co-produce your smart city and design innovative solutions to promote your well-being in the city.

On Thursday, March 10, 2016, the entire "Smart City" ecosystem met in Lyon in the Confluence district for the second edition of the Smart City Meetings.

A close-knit and united ecosystem

There were 430 attendees at the morning round tables; 230 participated in themed workshops in the afternoon. This was twice the number at the first edition.

The audience at the 2016 Smart City Meeting represented sectors such as energy, mobility and digital activity as well as healthcare, education and culture. All domains concerned by the Smart City were present, sharing feedback and discussing new fields of action.

Lyon Métropole looks ahead

In addition to an assessment of the past three years, this meeting was also an opportunity to open perspectives. Because of the new competencies acquired since January 1, 2015 (notably in healthcare, education, culture and citizen involvement), Lyon Métropole wants to broaden the "Lyon Smart City approach" and give it greater scope, while reinforcing the goal of well-being in the city.

By encouraging discussions shared by the entire ecosystem during these Meetings, Lyon Métropole has encourage emulation among participants and a collective desire to move things forward.

A highly appreciated lecture

A lecture was the high point of the morning and allowed giving a full overview of the various "Smart City" initiatives in the area.

This review of actions captivated the audience by offering complementary visions, presenting little-known initiatives and featuring speakers from different cultures, as well as by enlightening attendees on risks and possible deviations.

Concrete illustrations at the round tables

Three round tables (editing the development of public areas, healthcare and innovation) illustrated broader thinking on the Smart City in a concrete way through:

  • A project allowing the re-creation of social ties at a train station,
  • The inclusion of digital technologies in the healthcare circuit
  • The experiencing of projects by area residents at third-area sites.

Dynamic co-construction in the workshops

During the afternoon, ten hands-on workshops with representatives from various business sectors studied collaboration and transversality.

Each topic corresponded to a precise objective in order to meet needs that had been previously identified. Among others, creativity-stimulating methods, the open approach and ways to facilitate speaking in public were chosen by participants, who were encouraged to a consolidate the collective approach that had been initiated.

"A day in the life of the Easy Family": a new Lyon Smart City video

See a video that follows members of the Easy family during a typical day and learn how to take full advantage of Lyon, a Smart City.

Life in the city is easier, more pleasant and more cooperative. Well-thought-out and used in the proper way, new technologies lead to better daily living and help build the city, a city that meets the needs of residents and companies, as well as social and environmental challenges. It's easy to live in a city on a human scale! See below:

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