Renault Trucks: winnner of the Europa innovation prize at the European Transport Awards 2010

6 January 2011

In June 2009, with Premium Optifuel, Renault Trucks became the first manufacturer to offer its customers a formula combining the sale of a truck with a set of tools and services designed to reduce fuel consumption. This original formula has just earned a prize during the 16th European Transport Awards which took place in Madrid.

During the presentation ceremony at the 16th European Transport Awards, the jury, made up of haulage industry professionals, presented Renault Trucks with the Europa Innovation Prize for its Premium Optifuel, the vehicle which has been able to reduce fuel consumption by combining technology and service.

Statement of operational marketing director for Renault Trucks Spain-Portugal

Franck Carpentier, operational marketing director for Renault Trucks Spain-Portugal, sees this award as, "An acknowledgement of the many years' work devoted to optimising consumption and constantly improving Optifuel Programme services, so that customers can reduce their costs easily, efficiently and sustainably."

About Premium Optifuel...

Referring to Premium Optifuel, the jury, made up of transport professionals from the Spanish Confederation of Goods Transport (CETM) and journalists from Professional Transport magazine, stressed that this represented, "a genuine innovation and an intelligent combination of technology and IT which shows that average fuel savings of 6.4%, together with lower noise and polluting emissions, are achievable." We should not forget that this figure of 6.4% lower fuel consumption has been certified by the TÜV, an independent German organisation.

This award recognises the several years Renault Trucks has spent working in this area and highlights its Optifuel Solutions, which give customers a practical and sustainable means of reducing fuel consumption, operating costs and CO2 emissions.

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Renault Trucks is based in Saint-Priest and is a major account company for Greater Lyon. Renault Trucks is also one of the founding member of Lyon Urban Truck and Bus competitive cluster.