Renault Trucks: a company travel plan for 5,300 staff members in Lyon

20 April 2011

Since Renault Trucks is the largest employer in the Rhône department (with a workforce of 5,300 people occupying 180 ha - the equivalent of the 1st borough in Paris), the French truck manufacturer has implemented a company travel plan (CTP) to match its level of importance.

Initiated by the Renault Trucks Lyon site management and orchestrated by Benoit Lerude, a town planner who has been working on the CTP full-time, the process began with a massive survey of all staff members. From May to June 2010, the staff's travel habits, as well as their wants and needs with regard to the modes of transport they would like to use, were all studied in minute detail. Almost 64 % of all those who were sent a questionnaire, completed it and send it in, an outstanding result for a survey of this type.

Considering an alternative to cars

The results obtained made it possible to draw up a detailed map of the areas in which those working at the Lyon / Vénissieux / Saint-Priest site live. It was revealed that the 5,300 staff members concerned come from 600 communes distributed over 9 departments and 2 regions (Rhône-Alpes and Burgundy). The information gathered by this survey made it possible to examine and put forward ways of optimising "home-work" travel for this population.

The survey showed that 72 % of staff use their private cars for travelling to work. However, it also highlights the fact that there is an increasing number who would favour an alternative to cars: 48 % saying they would like to change their mode of transport. Considerable numbers of those who answered the questionnaire would prefer car pooling, more reliable and more regular public transport or cycles as alternative solutions.

Expanding carpooling with the Greater Lyon Authority

This information gives the company management several areas to explore. In the short term, and to meet the large demand for car pooling, it is considering a partnership with the Greater Lyon Authority and its dedicated Internet site. This was set up 5 years ago as part of a very determined move to encourage changes in travel habits by setting up 12 inter-company travel plans and a car pooling system built around the website.

This partnership would involve setting up a space in the system for Renault Trucks staff members. Based on geographical criteria, they would be able to identify and contact those in the Greater Lyon area who travel along all or part of the same route. In the medium term, solutions would also have to be provided for those using cycles who feel the current cycleways to be inadequately developed and not sufficiently safe. But a solution in this area cannot come from the company alone.

Increasing shuttles

The findings of this survey have already led to an increase in the frequency of on-site shuttle services. Because of its size (180 ha), the Lyon site justifies using a minibus service, designed to make it easier for staff to travel from one part of it to another. Two types of journeys are covered by this service:

  • from one part of the site to another, to attend meetings or training sessions,
  • as a complement to public transport networks, with staff being carried from their place of work to a multimodal centre connecting with Metro, Tramway, bus and regional train services. This is aimed at encouraging staff to use public transport systems by providing a solution to the problem of the "last kilometer".

The results of this reorganisation were immediately apparent, for as soon as the new system was introduced on the 1st December 2010, use of the shuttles began steadily increasing. Furthermore, some staff members have started to leave their cars at home, since, instead of the 280 people carried daily at the end of November 2010, the on-site shuttles have been carrying an average of 410 a day since the beginning of January 2011 - an increase of 40 % in only two months!

CTP in figures

  • 72 % of the Renault Trucks Lyon staff use their own vehicle for travelling to work,
  • Only 25 % prefer their vehicle, or think it is the most appropriate means of transport for them,
  • 12 % use public transport and 35 % would like to be able to,
  • 7 % share cars with other staff members, travel by cycle, or scooter, or walk,
  • 15 % would like to share cars as opposed to the 3 % which currently do so.

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Renault Trucks is based in Saint-Priest and is a major account company for Greater Lyon.

Renault Trucks is also one of the founding member of Lyon Urban Truck and Bus competitive cluster.