Pollutec 2012: a time for the Lyon Smart Community demonstrator project to take stock, one year after its launch

27 November 2012

On Tuesday 7th November 2012, one year after its official launch, the Lyon Smart Community demonstrator project, initiated in the Lyon Confluence quarter, gave an update on its position live from the Pollutec fair.

On the Greater Lyon stand, Gérard Collomb, Lyon's senator mayor and Chairman of Greater Lyon and Hideo Hato, Chairman of NEDO officiated at the transfer of the project to its operational phase, with the start of the building work announced for start of 2013.

A Smart Community demonstrator in Lyon Confluence

NEDO chose Greater Lyon and the Confluence site in particular as the favoured European test site for the implementation of a smart demonstrator community  for the 2011-2016 period.

This choice was made because of the willingness of Lyon to break new ground in Confluence and the work it had already undertaken in areas undergoing change and which had been widely recognised in the field of sustainable development (obtaining of a Concerto designation, first WWF sustainable neighbourhood, recognition as a eco-neighbourhood by the French Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development).

Lyon Smart Community hopes to make Lyon Confluence the European pattern in terms of energy efficiency - a huge human, urban, architectural, technological and environmental challenge.

Lyon Smart Community: the 4 building blocks of the demonstrator

This demonstrator project, a pattern by its size and its innovative quality has set itself 4 innovative tasks.

The construction of a block of 3 intelligent buildings

The first task is the construction of a 12,000 m2 mixed use building on the Ilot P, the last piece of the Lyon Confluence waterfront jigsaw. In addition to the commonly agreed characteristics of positive energy buildings, the offices, apartments and homes of the Hikari building will also have an integrated detection system to identify, at all times, the right level of energy required   - i.e. the captors linked to the energy network will allow the heating, ventilation and light levels to be controlled in accordance with the number of people actually present.

The creation of a fleet of shared electric vehicles

The second task targets the workforce on the perimeter of the Lyon Confluence site and those using the neighbourhood. It concerns the introduction of a fleet of shared electric vehicles.

The introduction of a very high level energy audit system

The third task concerns the social housing that is being renovated in the Cité Perrache. Here use of new technologies will allow for the introduction of high performance energy (electricity, gas and water) audit systems to help the local people to manage their energy consumption (consumption in real time on the basis of historic data processed by the consumption point).

The drawing up of a CMS

A Community Management System is a system for the overall management and use of energy data from the demonstrator - in particular the production of renewable energy, use and climate settings - to facilitate the overall management of energy at neighbourhood level.

In a relevant and complementary way Lyon Smart Community has integrated the challenges of energy efficiency, from multi-modality to the role of the citizen and the linked tools available for using the system.

Lyon Smart Community: tomorrow an intelligent and sustainable city

After a first year devoted the development of the technical specifications, designation and signing of agreements, the Lyon Smart Community demonstrator has moved from the demonstration to the operational stages with a start date of early 2013 for construction work, the putting in place of charging facilities for electric vehicles and the development of all the guided energy systems which are the backbone of the project.

Lyon Confluence has set for itself the ambitious objective of reaching energy neutrality by 2030. The Lyon Smart Community demonstrator contributes to making energy performance innovations available in order to be an example to follow for the Lyon conurbation, the French mainland and beyond.

"With the innovative Lyon Smart Community project, becoming a pattern at European level, I am very happy to be contributing to the sustainable future of the citizens of Confluence and Greater Lyon as well as deepening Franco-Japanese relations" enthused Hideo Hato.

For Gérard Collomb "this demonstrator, at the level of a whole neighbourhood, is already projecting us into the city of the future which we are in the process of building. An intelligent city which leads to economic growth while reducing the impact of economic activity on the environment".

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An ecosystem of over 30 partners working with Greater Lyon and NEDO

As the initiators of the demonstrator, Greater Lyon and NEDO, with the support of their operational partners, the Lyon Confluence SPLA and the Toshiba Group were able to gather together thirty or so partners for the project.

The ecosystem of organisations thus constituted, groups together some large bodies with a wide variety of expertise and origins: over 22 French companies are associated with the project under the aegis of Bouygues Immobilier to create a number of positive energy buildings; Veolia-Transdev for the putting in place of a self-sharing service using electric vehicles; Grand Lyon Habitat for eco-innovation in a group of buildings containing energy monitoring for residents; ErDF for the management of intelligent networks for electrical energy; Toshiba Solutions for the installation of a data centre grouping together all the systems that run the energy systems.