ONLYLYON: launch of phase 2 and a new international communication strategy

9 March 2012

A press conference launched, on 2nd March 2012, phase 2 of ONLYLYON and the new campaign to promote Lyon's many advantages on an international scale.

A new image

In just 5 years, ONLYLYON has become Lyon's international trademark at home and abroad. ONLYLYON is taking its marketing strategy to the next level in phase 2!

ONLYLYON remains a reference in territorial marketing, using the LY of ONLYLYON to promote its values through English adverbs, such as Lively, Lovely, Successfully, Exceptionally, Tastefully….

The aim: to express the region's diversity and advantages!

The new video

International promotion

ONLYLYON texts are written in English, the international language of communication chosen by all other cities to effectively address all types of public and markets around the globe.


The key steps that mark phase 2:

  • to anchor the brand at a local level so that Lyon's citizens promote and support it;
  • to develop the Ambassadors network abroad;
  • to invest massively in social networks;
  • to boost international press coverage;
  • to develop the economic modele.

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The Greater Lyon Authority is ONLYLYON historical partner and major financing source.