Lyon Smart Community: laying the first stone of the Hikari island on 21 June 2013 in Lyon Confluence

21 June 2013

Bouygues Immobilier and SLC Pitance are building Hikari - which is the Japansese for “light” - the first stone of which was laid on Friday, 21 June 2013, close to the Esplanade François Mitterrand in Lyon Confluence.

Hikari is part of the larger "Lyon Smart Community" project, led by Grand Lyon and Nedo, a Japanese agency which supports innovation. The aim of this bold partnership? To give the Lyon Confluence district a smart demonstrator project unique in Europe.

Hikari, the incarnation of the smart building

A famous signature for Hikari - a design by the Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, in association with the Lyon agency CRB - which covers a development of three buildings over an area of 13 000 m2:

  1. Higashi - East in Japanese: an office building on the corner of the Cours Charlemagne,
  2. Minami - South: a residential building located on the Place Nautique and
  3. Nishi - West: a mixed-use building located along the railway.

As a model of energy efficiency and the integration of renewable energy, Hikari boasts a mix of uses with housing, offices, rooftop villas and shops at ground level.

With photovoltaic panels on the roof and front elevation, Hikari harnesses sunlight only to restore it in the form of energy. "The plan is also to include a co-generation unit to meet the island's ambitious energy objectivest" we are told.

With regard to this "positive energy" aspect, Hikari has the benefit of the support of Japanese technologies coordinated by Toshiba - the supplier of the programme's main energy systems.

Hikari will eventually generate, store and manage the energy needed for all uses.

Lyon Smart Community, a unique demonstrator in Europe

On the occasion of the laying of the first stone of Hikari, Grand Lyon and NEDO reaffirmed their partnership, forged in 2011, around the ambitious demonstrator of the Lyon Smart Community: a project with the potential for international recognition previously unknown in the Lyon conurbation.

Lyon Smart Community integrates in a relevant and complementary the problem area of energy efficiency, multi-modality, the role of the citizen and the associated steering tools with in particular:

  • the implementation of the Hikari positive-energy programme,
  • the bringing into service of electric vehicles in a car-sharing scheme,
  • the installation of energy monitoring systems in homes and
  • the introduction of a data analysis system concerning the energy consumption of the demonstrator development.