Lyon smart city: February 2013 an introduction to the intelligent city of Greater Lyon

21 February 2013

Panoramic view over the conurbation from a site that is emblematic of "made in Lyon" innovation, the Oxygène tower's skyroom on the 21st February 2013 hosted a press conference that introduced the Lyon' intelligent city approach.

Cities of today face a major challenge - that of growing their model to meet the rapid increase in urban population and all its inherent consequences. At the crossroads of various flows, problems and solutions, cities are sketching out new urban models.

With its intelligent city approach, Greater Lyon is taking advantage of its central and strategic position to initiate, group together and breathe new life into private and local authority projects in order to find new solutions, new uses and therefore new forms of growth.

Lyon smart city, 4 building blocks for a sustainable strategy

Greater Lyon's intelligent approach is based on 4 basic building blocks:

  1. an overall approach which includes all fields: energy, mobility, new services, economic development, the environment, urban planning etc.
  2. putting the inhabitants at the heart of the strategy with the introduction of actual projects with real benefits
  3. a collaborative approach that includes all stakeholders: businesses, citizens partners academics and institutions
  4. Smart City Lyon processexperiments on various scales going right up to a whole quarter in order to test innovative solutions and check their technological viability.

Lyon smart city, proof through use

Whether we are talking about energy and smart grids, new mobility or  innovative services, a wide range of initiatives and tests are already taking place in the Lyon region.

The objective is to be able to replicate the experiments begun on a number of scales in the region and which break down into 4 major areas:

  1. New mobility, becoming the standard reference
    • Optimod'Lyon, in order to optimise the mobility of people and goods
    • Citylog, the European project to re-invent the distribution of goods in an urban environment
    • E-sharing, to encourage shared use of vehicles rather than ownership
  2. Digital services, helping the city by developing new services
    • GrizzLY, innovative urban captors to optimise the treatment of roads in winter
    • Grand Lyon Smartdata, to make public data available
    • services NFC, to develop the contactless technologies of tomorrow via a selection of remote public services
  3. Energy and smart grids becoming a major part of energy efficiency
    • Transform: a European project to draw up a process of energy transition on a neighbourhood scale in Lyon Part-Dieu,
    • Watt&Moi: a new way of monitoring consumption of Linky electricity
    • Smart Electric Lyon: a very large scale demonstrator, upstream of the meter which involves 25,000 households,
  4. Creating the conditions for innovation, supporting and strengthening the ability of key players in the area to innovate
    • The Grand Lyon Experimentation Cell: to facilitate the setting up of experiments
    • deployment of high speed fibre optic: to bring fibre optic to the 58 communes of the area by 2019
    • the Living Lab: to facilitate the development of new products and services by public/private partnerships.

Lyon smart city will expand in 2013

In 2013, the implementation of the smart city approach will accelerate with a number of projects coming to fruition.

Public data will become available with the official launch of Smartdata Grand Lyon, expected in April and will be followed in May by the laying of the foundation stone of the Hikari project, anchoring Lyon Smart Community in Lyon Confluence.

Summer 2013 will see the launch of the Greater Lyon mobility project just ahead of the introduction of shared electric vehicle pools in several key areas of the region.