Lyon Gerland Biopole: laying of the first foundations for the acCInov innovation platform in July 2012

19 June 2012

The acCInov project, supported by the Greater Lyon, is the innovation platform part of the Infectious Diseases Centre of the Lyonbiopole. This project received the endorsement from the Ministry of Industry in 2010 as part of a call for projects "innovation platform for competitiveness clusters" launched jointly by the DGCIS and the Deposits and Consignment Fund.

The 5th July 2012 will see the official laying of the first stone of the building which will be home to this platform at the very heart of the Lyon Gerland Biopole.

The acCInov innovation platform

Following on from the Centre for Infectious Diseases, the acCInov platform will welcome its first occupants as of September 2013. Its 4,544 m2 net of state of the art technology laboratories and offices will be available to start-up companies as well as to SMEs which as part of their development need to be able to carry out bio-production and bio-analysis activities.

This new innovation platform will therefore triple the space that can be dedicated to running pre-clinical and clinical research projects in the bio-technology and bio-pharmaceutical fields by members of the Lyonbiopole competitiveness cluster.

Thanks to its original package of services and because it is positioned at the interface between Lyonbiopole and the "Bio-production by design" platform of the new Technological Research Institute (IRT) BIOASTER, AcCInov will be playing a major role in bio-production innovation and will bring a large number of players together as part of  BioMaTools, which is a project aimed at providing a structure to the whole of the sector including the equipment manufacturers as well as suppliers of  production and formulation reactives and of new analytical technologies.

A new infrastructure with nothing else like it, AcCInov will also add to the economic dynamic and international reputation of the Lyon Gerland Biopole, the epicentre in Lyon for industrial development in the field of animal and human health.

A few words about Lyonbiopole

Endorsed as a worldwide cluster in 2005, Lyonbiopole is focussed on the fight against human and animal infectious diseases and cancers. As a centre of excellence based in Lyon for vaccines and diagnostics, its ambition is to give added impetus to the competitiveness of companies within the health sector as well as the attractiveness of the Rhône-Alpes region, principally on the Lyon-Grenoble corridor.

Designed as a public/private interface and link-up facility, the cluster has introduced initiatives for:

A few words about the Lyon Gerland Biopole

Today, as the main home to businesses in the Lyon area working in the health sector, the origins of the Lyon Gerland Biopole are embedded in the history of industrial biology in Lyon. Over the years, this urban area of around 100 hectares, located in the south of Lyon's, 7th arrondissement has become highly specialised.

Today it is teeming with industrial and scientific companies supporting something like 4,000 public and private jobs in the health sector, including world leaders (such as Sanofi Pasteur, Merial, Genzyme), innovative SMEs (like Aguettant, Episkin, Genoway, Imaxio) and  higher educational  and research establishments (such as ENS in Lyon, IBCP, Laboratoire P4 Jean Mérieux, INSERM, Functional Genomics Institute in Lyon).