Lyon Carré de Soie: launch of the Villeurbanne La Soie development area (ZAC) phase 1

28 January 2013

Symbolic of the move of the conurbation towards the east of the centre of Lyon, the Carré de Soie urban project is part of an ambitious transformation of a vast land holding, ideally positioned between the city and the country and situated in the communes of Villeurbanne and Vaulx-en-Velin.

The use of the former Yoplait industrial site means that the La Soie Villeurbanne sector will have 25 hectares available for use. A first phase is planned for 11 hectares with the creation of the Villeurbanne La Soie ZAC.

ZAC Villeurbanne La Soie: project objectives

Within the ZAC perimeter the land will be mostly developed by privately funded bodies who will design construction projects whose direction and design will supported by the ZAC. The objectives pursued by the La Soie Villeurbanne ZAC are the following:

  • a mixed development programme which will offer space for offices, small businesses and housing within a shared urban area,
  • optimisation of land resources available in order to limit urban sprawl spreading towards the periphery,
  • maintenance and improvement of the quality of life in the existing and inhabited suburban heritage known as "l'amende" - outside the ZAC perimeter,
  • ensuring the development will provide housing suited to the needs of households,
  • taking into account environmental challenges with in particular:
    • the creation of green spaces,
    • decontamination of the soil,  
    • sustainable management of rain water, 
    • inclusion of soft facilities,
    • energy efficiency  of buildings,
    • use of renewable energy.

ZAC Villeurbanne La Soie: provisional programme

Within the Villeurbanne La Soie ZAC perimeter there is provision for 200,000 m2 of land for construction with:

  • 116,000 m2 for housing, resulting in about 1,650 homes of which 41.5% will be for social housing (part of the ZAC is situated in the Villeurbanne Les Brosses area of need)
  • 75,000 m2 for activities in the service sector, creating about 3,750 jobs
  • 2,000 m2  for shops
  • 7,000 m2 for publically funded services, in particular:
    • school provision
    • a crèche,
    • a gym for the area and
    • a sports field.

The project includes the estimated provision of 48,000 000 € (ex VAT) of publically funded facilities to include:

  • public spaces of various sizes
    • esplanade for the service sector,
    • green spaces and neighbourhood open spaces,
    • a 5,000 m2 public space
  • a network of primary roads to provide the best transport links to the Villeurbanne suburbs and centre,
  • a network of secondary roads to serve the various parts of the ZAC.

The Greater Lyon Authority and the City of Villeurbanne will purchase the necessary plots of land in order to build roads and provide the public infrastructure for the project.

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The creation of the ZAC known as the Villeurbanne La Soie ZAC phase 1 was agreed by the Greater Lyon council on 10 December 2012 (item no.2012-3419).