Investments for the future: Greater Lyon, winner of the 2nd wave of calls for EcoCity projects ("City of tomorrow" programme)

20 December 2012

The "City of tomorrow" was launched by the government in October 2008 as part of the programme of Investments for the future. The EcoCity is part of the sustainable development plan supported by the Ministry of the Environment as part of the Grenelle legislation.

The objective is to create, at one and the same time, a network of participants, to feature innovative ideas in local authority areas and to be a showcase for French know-how in the area of the sustainable city.

Greater Lyon has now joined this small circle of EcoCities in France

Greater Lyon responded to the 2nd wave of calls for the EcoCity project in February 2012. These required a city to show it had a sustainable strategy for the city and surroundings and that it offered within a precisely defined area, innovative and demonstrator projects for a sustainable city.

The specifications laid down precise requirements such as "the financing of demonstrator projects and example should encourage changes in urban usages and practices in order to develop a city that is healthy, thrifty, adaptable, robust, affordable and attractive, thanks to an innovative and integrated approach to transport and mobility, to energy, urban planning and the habitat."

In parallel "the putting in place of innovative and/or high performing environmental actions closely allied to the economic and scientific network" is one of the objectives of the process. Greater Lyon has therefore asked private partners to join it in the work, among these are Veolia, EDF and GDF-Suez.

EcoCity: Greater Lyon candidature

The EcoCity project has allowed the Lyon conurbation to show that it can take action when faced with new urban challenges -  diminished energy resources, climate change, optimisation of resources available, living together, the importance of usages and users.

The Lyon Urban Community's candidature is based on the 4 priorities set out in the climate plan, which have been translated into 4 trials within the Lyon Confluence-Lyon Gerland-Chemistry valley perimeter, which can be replicated at the scale of the conurbation:

  1. the creation of a city of tomorrow laboratory with the macro-parcel of Lyon Confluence, experimenting with eco-renovation, mobility and the fight against heat islands,
  2. heat networks and new energy,
  3. mobility integrating urban logistics, the ZAPA (air quality) and integrated ticketing,
  4. public spaces demonstrators, with nature in the city and re-absorption of heat islands.

EcoCity: the Greater Lyon projects accepted

A letter of the 5 November 2012 confirmed the chosen projects - in all 2 million euros of engineering credits were awarded for this first tranche.

Seven particularly innovative projects have been given the green light:

  1. the Lyon Confluence macro-parcel which will provide new neighbourhoods with positive energy, the Cité Perrache renovated to BBC standards, shared parking facilities and photovoltaic panels,
  2. the Lyon Confluence heat islands, with a wood co-generation unit,
  3. the recovery of industrial heat in Chemistry Valley and its potential connection to the urban heat network,
  4. the consolidation of sites in the Port Edouard Herriot, logistics platform with the aim of better managing the conurbation's sites,
  5. the Urban Pass integrated picketing on all modes of transport,
  6. the introduction of the ZAPA (air quality),
  7. the urban modelling project in the Lyon Gerland quarter.

The next stage is the signing of a local agreement with the Caisse des dépôts, the Prefect and the selected project managers. This should take place in the 1st quarter of 2013.

Greater Lyon has two years after the signing of the agreement to launch the projects.

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Thirteen EcoCities in 2009:

Bordeaux (Garonne plain), Rennes (East quadrant), Strasbourg/Kehl (Deux-Rives conurbation), Plaine Commune (Seine-Saint-Denis/Shared Land and urban innovation), Montpellier (from Montpellier to the sea), Nantes/Saint-Nazaire (Building the city around the river), Metz Conurbation, Clermont-Ferrand, Grenoble, Marseille (Marseille Euroméditerranée), Nice, La Réunion (Island and tropical EcoCity) and the Pays Haut Val d'Alzette (Moselle).

Six EcoCities in 2012:

  • Lille
  • Toulouse 
  • Rouen
  • 2 Ile de France local authorities
  • Greater Lyon