IDEEL: launch of the Lyon Institute of non-carbon energy and eco-technologies

23 October 2012

IDEEL, the Lyon Institute of non-carbon energy and eco-technologies which aims to invent the factory of the future was launched on Friday 5 October 2012.

IDEEL has been set up to develop innovative solutions to make industrial processes cleaner and to transform industrial waste into new products or new sources of energy.

IDEEL, innovation serving the future

IDEEL was created of the within the context of the IEED calls for expressions of interest in its future investments programme.

IDEEL's internal R&D projects aim to:

  • reduce energy consumption, raw materials used in the oil industry, CO2 emissions, the amount of waste produced as well as energy and heat loss,
  • transform or re-cycle CO2 emissions and factory waste,
  • develop new low environmental impact products that meet the new demands of society.

A large number of industries are concerned: chemistry and energy naturally but also agri-business, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

The socio-economic challenges in the medium and long term will be considerable. Not only at an environmental level, with the perfecting of cleaner  and more efficient processes, but also at an economic level through the creation of new industrial processes and new areas of engineering and their associated services, as well as creating wealth and employment at local and national level.

IDEEL, an institute that is a centre of excellence in non-carbon energy at the heart of the Chemistry valley

IDEEL, situated at the heart of Chemistry Valley is in one of the main manufacturing and research area.

In the initial phase IDEEL will concentrate on the bio-energy, non-carbon processes and recycling research programmes while developing tools and competences in digital simulation, industrial analysis and environmental evaluation. This phase will come after a large investment programme in the order of 30m € over 6 years which will allow IDEEL to acquire technological platforms and run pre-manufacture pilot programmes.

In a very short space of time IDEEL will be able to offer a range of technological services and training programmes as well as research partnerships to all those working in the sectors concerned, and in particular to SMEs. IDEEL is also intending to be an active partner in the centres of excellence and in particular the Axelera centre which has worked determinedly on the IEED project (the INDEED project).

IDEEL will find a home at the heart of Chemistry valley on the premises of Axel'One, at first on the Solaize site (for innovating procedures) and then on the Saint-Fons sites (for innovating materials) and then on the LyonTech-la Doua site.

IDEEL's objectives are ambitious and will only be achieved by means of a strong partnership with a business network and regional research centres.

IDEEL, an ambitious partnership in the service of sustainable development

This concentration of talent should enable IDEEL to commit, within 3 years, to over twenty R&D projects and within ten years should lead to a hundred of patents being deposited, 50 licences agreed and should also lead to the creation of about 2,000 jobs.

According to Bernard Blez, the Chair of IDEEL, and Eric Larrey, his managing director, the creation of IDEEL was the first stage in a process which will allow for the design, in France, of manufacturing sites that meet the challenges of sustainable development more effectively and more competitively. The innovation strategy that is being put in place will boost the competitiveness of manufacturing sites in France, create new sectors and  a large number of jobs as well as a bank of skills that are internationally portable.

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IDEEL is a Company (SAS) with a capital of 300,000 €, it has four private investors (Arkema, GDF Suez, Rhodia, Suez Environnement) and two public shareholders (IFP Energies Nouvelles and the university of Lyon).

IDEEL's R&D interests centre on a transverse program which includes digital simulation, industrial analysis and environmental evaluation as well as three sectoral programs; Bio-energy, non-carbon processes and re-cycling.

The creation of the company was supported by:

  • the centres of excellence Axelera, Tenerrdis, LUTB, Viaméca, Plastipolis and Trimatec,
  • the ARDI,
  • Greater Lyon's  local authorities, the city of Saint Etienne and the Rhône-Alpes region,
  • Total, BlueStar Silicones, Technip, Recupyl, Prosernat, Eurecat,
  • research institutes IFTH, CEA, FCBA, CTP,
  • Interfora.