Cartoon Movie 2012: Lyon is hosting the European forum for animated feature films

7 March 2012

For the fourth consecutive year, Cartoon Movie will welcome to Lyon producers of feature length animated films as well as investors and distributors from all over Europe, all of whom are anxious to cooperate and negotiate the finance that will enable projects to see the light of day.

This year, for the first time, Cartoon Games will facilitate meetings between producers of animated features and producers of video games in order to promote and strengthen timely cooperation between these two branches of the art.

Over 3 days, nearly 700 participants from 35 countries, gathered together in a convivial atmosphere will view the fifty or so projects which will be shown either at

  • development,
  • production or
  • finished stages.

Cartoon Movie 2012's line-up

These productions coming from 17 European countries confirm the trend we saw in 2011:

  1. large numbers of films are targeted a adults and adolescents (22% of projects) and
  2. the taste for 3D is still growing with more than 40% of projects presented being in stereoscopic 3D as against 20% in 2011.

There is also a trend towards films dealing with problem areas in society with a growing number of films looking at subjects such as

  • the rise of Nazism, (Young Perez),
  • child soldiers in Angola (Another Day of Life),
  • the First World War (Cafard) and even
  • Alzheimer's (Wrinkles).

Literature and comics remain a strong source of inspiration, with some of this year's projects based on adaptations and screenplays from writers such as Ryszard Kapuscinski, Jacques Prévert, Gilles Paris, Jean-François Beauchemin, Leena Krohn, Gunilla Bergström and Kjell Aukrust as well as on award-winning graphic novels by authors like Enki Bilal and Arthur de Pins – who will direct their films themselves –, Paco Roca and Jens Harder.

Cartoon Movie 2012 highlights

  • Famous comics authors Enki Bilal and Arthur de Pins to direct their own film based on their albums; 
  • 50 projects from 17 countries including Germany, Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg and UK.

This year in Lyon, some well-known TV animated series will also make their leap to the big screen, including "The Triplets" from Spain, "Alfie Atkins" from Sweden and Belgium's "Pic Pic André Shoow".

Cartoon Movie 2012 will also reveal projects that seek aesthetic and narrative innovation in animation.

3 projects developed in the Rhône-Alpes region

Delegates will also be able to see, among the 19 French productions, 3 projects developed in the Rhône-Alpes region:

  • Phantom Boy, a second feature film from Alain Gagnol and Jean-Loup Felicioli produced by the Folimage studio after Une vie de Chat which came out in December 2010;
  • "Le jour des corneilles", an adaptation of the eponymous novel by the Canadian author Jean-François Beauchemin, produced by Finalement Production;
  • Young Perez on the tragic destiny of the youngest Boxing World Champion produced by Explicit Films.

"We cartoon in Greater Lyon" 2012 - the best of European animation available to the wider public

During this important event for those working in animated cinema, Greater Lyon has organised the 'We cartoon in Greater Lyon' festival from 22 February to 9 March 2012 during which the general public will be able to discover or rediscover, in twenty or so cinemas in and around Lyon, a selection of the best feature length European animations from the last few years.

Lyon, the cradle of cinema and video games

The choice of Lyon, at the heart of the Rhône-Alpes region, to host this festival is not due to chance; what could be more natural than for the region which gave birth to the cinema and which has been the midwife of French video games to be home to the festival.

With 700 companies, 23 research laboratories and 28 training establishments, Rhone-Alps is characterized by its high level of activity and its many centres of excellence in the field of the moving image:

Since the beginning of 2010 the Lyon conurbation, the historic cradle of cinema, has become home to PIXEL, a regional audiovisual centre of excellence as well as a number of production studios which have decided to set up in Lyon and the surrounding area.

The Rhône-Alpes cluster Imaginove, created by the Rhône-Alpes Region in partnership with Greater Lyon, which has been a centre of excellence since 2005, has as its objective to encourage discussion and develop cooperation between all the various parts of the industry.

In addition, by being home to 40% of the French digital entertainment industry, the region represents the major concentration of businesses and jobs in this sector, outside the Ile-de-France, and is home to

  • publishers of video game world known world-wide such as Namco Bandai and Electronic Arts and
  • development studios that set the standard such as Arkane Studios and Etranges Libellules.

An event such as Cartoon Movie offers an excellent opportunity for all these involved in the industry to form rewarding alliances.

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The 14th edition of Cartoon Movie is organised with the support of the MEDIA Programme of the European Union, CNC (Centre national du cinéma et de l'image animée), the Rhône-Alpes Region, Greater Lyon and in collaboration with the Cluster Imaginove (Lyon).

Since 1999, some 185 projects with a total budget of 1.3 billion EUR have obtained full financing thanks to this annual forum aimed at strengthening the production and distribution of animated feature films in Europe.